What is Engraved in the Bowl of the Stanley Cup

What is Engraved in the Bowl of the Stanley Cup?

Unique is the hockey game, and unique are the prizes of its winners. Hockey’s best prize to its users is the Stanley Cup, and the Stanley Cup comes with its premium. The names of the winners are engraved in the Stanley Cup itself. It has been 124 years since the Stanley Cup was first awarded, yet its importance keeps on increasing day by day.

Some names are engraved on the inside of the Bowl of the Stanley Cup:

  • The winners from the 1906-07 Montreal Wanderers
  • The winners from the 1914-15 Vancouver Millionaires
  • H. Broadbent

The NHL had started the roster engravings on the rings after 1924.

A Brief History of Engraving on the Bowl

Lord Stanley, who was inspired by ice hockey, contributed to the Stanley Cup in 1892. At that time, the teams could inscribe their names on the Cup at their expenditure.

Montreal HC was the earliest team that had the Stanley Cup to its name, and they engraved the team’s name on the Cup. But not all the teams engraved their names on the Cup.

The NHL started this practice of engraving the names after 1924 with the Montreal Wanderers, and this tradition has continued to date. So, this practice of engraving on the bowl has varied with time, from the start of the Cup in 1893 to the standardized engraving in 1924.

Engraving on the Inside Bowl

There are also names carved on the inside of the bowl. Two teams and one player have their names engraved inside.

1906-07Montreal Wanderers20
1914-15Vancouver Millionaires9
Unknown and upside down on the outer rim of the bowlH. Broadbent1

Montreal Wanderers 1906-07

The Montreal Wanderers were the first team to win the Stanley Cup in 1906 against the Ottawa HC. The Montreal Wanderers won against the Kenora Thistles in March 1907 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in a two-game series 12-8 after losing first in early 1907.

Montreal Wanderers Winning Team Engraved Names on Trophy
(Image Source: Wikipedia)

After winning this game, they engraved the complete roster’s name inside the bowl to be remembered forever. One of the most prominent names in the team that stays in the inside bowl of the Cup is Lester Patrick. Lester Patrick played as a defenseman with the Wanderers. He is amongst the most important hockey names that a hockey fan should not forget.

He was a star player, but he also gave hockey twenty-two rules that are still in use today. He also worked as a coach and a manager with the New York Rangers. He also has multiple Stanley Cups to his name. There is a Lester Patrick in his name in the US to keep his legacy alive.

Vancouver Millionaires

After the Montreal Wanderers, no team followed their pursuit of engraving the names to the inside bowl of the Cup. The Vancouver Millionaires followed the Wanderers in 1914 and engraved their names when they became the champions.

The Vancouver Millionaires played against the Ottawa Senators in the final Stanley Cup match. In three games series, the Millionaires led the series 28-6, which was quite unprecedented.

They also engraved their names inside the Cup. It reads “Vancouver B.C./1914–15/Defeated Ottawa/3 Straight Games”, along with the players’ names and the manager.

H. Broadbent

How and why H. Broadbent’s name became engraved inside the Cup? No one has any idea. H. Broadbent had won the Stanley Cup, but he did not win the Cup with either of the two teams whose names are engraved inside. There is no doubt that he was a super player, and he also has his name in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

He won the Stanley Cup with the Montreal Maroons in 1926 for a second time. He had also won the Cup with the Ottawa Senators in the early 1920s. In 1915, his team Montreal Wanderers lost the Stanley Cup against the Vancouver Millionaires.

After this last Cup, Broadbent had gone into World War 1, and his hockey career ended. There is no known reason for what led to his name being written on the inside of the Cup. So, it is a mystery unsolved. His name is written a little upside-down towards the outer rim.

There are speculations that the writer was a fan of Broadbent, or maybe Broadbent himself asked him for his name to be written there. We are not sure.

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