What is Engraved in the Bowl of the Stanley Cup?

What is Engraved in the Bowl of the Stanley Cup

Hockey is a unique game, and its prizes are unique as well. Stanley Cups are hockey’s most prestigious prize, and the Stanley Cup also comes with a premium. The names of the winners are engraved on the Stanley Cup itself. It has been 124 years since the Stanley Cup was first awarded, yet its importance keeps increasing daily.

Aside from the H. Broadbent name on the outer side of the Stanley cup, there are winners’ names engraved inside of the bowl from the 1906-07 Montreal Wanderers and 1914-15 Vancouver Millionaires. The engraving of the regular rosters on the rings underneath the cup came in 1924.

This article will provide a detailed history of engraving names on the Stanley Cup bowl, when it began, and whose names are engraved.

    A Brief History of Engraving on the Bowl

    Lord Stanley, inspired by ice hockey, contributed to the Stanley Cup in 1892. At that time, the teams could inscribe their names on the Cup at their expense.

    Montreal HC was the earliest team to the Stanley Cup to its name, and they engraved the team’s name on the Cup. But not all the teams engraved their names on the Cup.

    The NHL started engraving the names after 1924 with the Montreal Wanderers, and this tradition has continued. So, this practice of engraving on the bowl has varied with time, from the start of the Cup in 1893 to the standardized engraving in 1924.

    Engraving on the Inside Bowl

    There are also names carved on the inside of the bowl. Two teams and one player have their names engraved inside.

    1906-07Montreal Wanderers20
    1914-15Vancouver Millionaires9
    Unknown and upside down on the outer rim of the bowlH. Broadbent1

    Montreal Wanderers 1906-07

    The Montreal Wanderers were the first team to win the Stanley Cup in 1906 against the Ottawa HC. The Montreal Wanderers won against the Kenora Thistles in March 1907 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in a two-game series 12-8 after losing first in early 1907.

    Montreal Wanderers Winning Team Engraved Names on Trophy
    (Image Source: Wikipedia)

    After winning this game, they engraved the complete roster’s name inside the bowl to be remembered forever. Lester Patrick is one of the most prominent names in the team that stays in the inside bowl of the Cup. Lester Patrick played as a defenseman with the Wanderers. He is amongst the important hockey names that a hockey fan should not forget.

    He was a star player, but he also gave hockey twenty-two rules still in use today. He also worked as a coach and a manager with the New York Rangers. He also has multiple Stanley Cups to his name. Lester Patrick is in his name in the US to keep his legacy alive.

    Vancouver Millionaires

    After the Montreal Wanderers, no team followed their pursuit of engraving the names to the inside bowl of the Cup. The Vancouver Millionaires followed the Wanderers in 1914 and engraved their names when they became the champions.

    The Vancouver Millionaires played against the Ottawa Senators in the final Stanley Cup match. In three games series, the Millionaires led the series 28-6, which was quite unprecedented.

    They also engraved their names inside the Cup. It reads “Vancouver B.C./1914–15/Defeated Ottawa/3 Straight Games”, along with the players’ names and the manager.

    H. Broadbent

    How and why H. Broadbent’s name became engraved inside the Cup. No one has any idea. H. Broadbent had won the Stanley Cup but did not win the Cup with either of the two teams whose names are engraved inside. He is undoubtedly a super player and has his name in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

    He won the Stanley Cup with the Montreal Maroons in 1926 for a second time. He had also won the Cup with the Ottawa Senators in the early 1920s. In 1915, his team Montreal Wanderers lost the Stanley Cup against the Vancouver Millionaires.

    After this last Cup, Broadbent had gone into World War 1, and his hockey career ended. There is no known reason for what led to his name being written on the inside of the Cup. So, it is a mystery unsolved. His name is written a little upside-down towards the outer rim.

    There are speculations that the writer was a fan of Broadbent, or maybe Broadbent himself asked him for his name to be written there. We are not sure.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the size of the original Stanley Cup?

    The size of the original Stanley Cup is:
    Height: 18.5 cm / 7.28 inches
    Diameter: 29 cm / 11.42 inches

    Who bought the original Stanley cup, and for how much? 

    Stanley cup is the most desired, dreamed of, and prestigious award in the world of ice hockey. The winner of the NHL Stanley cup final match can hoist this cup proudly. Lord Frederick Stanley of Preston bought the original Stanley cup in London for ten guineas and $50.

    Has there anyone whose name has been removed from the Stanley cup?

    Former Brad Aldrich of Blackhawks coach and Basil Pocklington had their names removed from the Stanley cup since the 1983-84 season. Basil, the father of the Edmonton Oilers owner, is removed because he had no official link with the club.

    What about the original Stanley cup bowl?

    The original Stanley cup bowl is safe in the hockey hall of fame with the names inscribed on the inner side of it. The current Stanley cup is a replica of the original Stanley cup bowl made with silver and nickel alloy.


    In conclusion, this is the background of the engraved names on the outside and the inside of the Stanley cup. Now we all know the behind the story of these names. The NHL management kept these names for all these years and will continue to do so as it shows their historical aspect, tradition, and respect for the former great players.

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