4 Perks Players Get For Winning The Stanley Cup

4 Perks Players Get For Winning The Stanley Cup

We know Stanley Cup is the biggest dream of every hockey player. It is the primary destination of all hockey games. But winning the Stanley Cup is not a simple task; it’s a vigorous one, requiring much effort and dedication.

Besides, most of the players spend years dreaming for this grand Cup to be theirs since their childhood. They strive for it, spending hours of practice, giving up many personal moments and practicing and disciplining themselves for that one day when they would lift the Cup over their heads.

Imagine the ecstasy when they finally have their dream fulfilled! That is the best reward! There are four benefits the players get from winning the Stanley Cup:

  • The players get their names incised on the Cup.
  • All the players are rewarded unique Stanley Cup rings.
  • Every player can spend a day with the Stanley Cup wherever they want.
  • And last, teams get a cash bonus.

The glory that they get is another plus!

1. Name Engraved on the Cup

When a team wins the Stanley Cup, the name of the entire team is engraved on the Stanley Cup. Unlike other leagues, which design a new trophy each year, the Stanley Cup has remained the same for all the games. It is an antiquate trophy. Getting your name engraved on this Cup is a huge accomplishment.

Also, imagine your name just a few inches beside the idols you grew up admiring and looking up to! What a feeling! This engraving of the name is the best reward for winning the Cup.

2. Stanley Cup Ring

All the teams design and produce their own rings. The NHL commissioner bestows all the players with a unique commemorative Stanley Cup ring. Along with the players, the team management and all other supporting pillars also get the ring for themselves.

Stanley Cup Ring
(Image Source: NHL)

Unlike the Stanley Cup itself, the ring is for each member, and they have it for a lifetime. The rings cost more than $20,000 because they are made of gold and diamonds. But they are not sold; instead, the players keep them as a memory.

Let us look at the Stanley Cup ring of the St. Louis Blues.

Characteristics Of The Ring

Each ring has the following characteristics:

  • 15 Round Sapphires
  • 16 Custom cut Blue Sapphires
  • 20 Princess cut Sapphires
  • 282 Total Diamonds
  • 10.6 carrots

Comprising Of

Player’s name and number

  • Play Gloria (the rally cry song)
  • Engraved Results from the winning games
  • Laila (engraved name of inspirational fan)
  • St. Louis Arch and Blues Logo

The central theme is the St. Blues, of course.

3. Personal Day with the Cup

Another heart-warming perk of winning the Stanley Cup is the players get to spend a day of their own choice with the Cup. And so, the Stanley Cup has travelled all over the world in the summers, witnessing a lot of places and memories.

Some of those memories include:

  • Martin Brodeur had old friends get together where they played street hockey, and the winning team exhibited the Stanley Cup around together.
  • At Mario Lemieux’s party at his home, the Stanley Cup swam!
  • Peter Forsberg became the first to take the Cup overseas to Sweden. Today, it has seen the world, including the Eiffel Tower and Red Square.
  • Newborn babies being baptized in it.
  • Small town parades with the Stanley Cup.

The players do not get the Cup to keep, but they get a mini version of the Cup that they can have for themselves.

4. Bonus Funds

The most significant advantage of winning the Stanley Cup is getting the bonus amount of money. The players get their regular salaries during the Playoffs, and there are no bonuses except for the new players and the players above 35 years of age.

The NHL has a cash pool for the money that is divided among the teams that play in the Playoffs. The division of the funds depends on the team’s level in the Playoffs.

The pool money that the NHL has reserved for some years is:

  • 2016-17 and 2017-18: $15 million
  • 2018-19 and 2019-20: $16 million
  • 2020-21 and 2021-22: $17 million

The NHL increases this money after every three years. But, it is also a fact that the NHL players get minor compensation compared to the other leagues.

The players who win the Stanley Cup get about $200,000 of the reserved amount, which is vast, even though the money is not the more fantastic prize. Winning the Cup and having your names saved forever is the greatest.

But the winning the Stanley Cup itself is enormous, all the other advantages relatively more minor when compared to this win. You win the Stanley Cup for the Stanley Cup. Other things are just side benefits!

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