How Many Stanley Cups has Sidney Crosby Won

How Many Stanley Cups has Sidney Crosby Won?

Do you know about “Sid, the kid”? It is an exciting and beautiful narrative to recount, with lessons to learn. Let us delve into the story of Sidney Crosby today, who has emerged as a great hockey hero.

Yes, Sidney Crosby was called Sid the kid when he joined the NHL in the 2005-06 season. Pittsburgh Penguins had drafted Sidney in 2005. Initially referred to as just a kid, Sidney Crosby has a successful career with many awards. The most unique and vital distinction is the Stanley Cup. He has three Stanley Cups to his name with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Sidney Crosby Stanley Cup Winning Celebration
Sidney Crosby Stanley Cup Winning Celebration

Sidney won his first Cup in 2008-09 and the other two cups consecutively in the 2015-16 and 2016-17 seasons. Sidney Crosby had joined the Pittsburgh Penguins when they were facing the worst time in their history after Mario Lemieux had retired. Together, Sidney and the Pittsburgh Penguins rose to new heights and won three Stanley Cups within years, two of whom they won back to back.

There are no questions about his talent and skill, as he has been breaking the records since his first year with the Pittsburgh Penguins when he turned out to be the youngest player who scored a least 100 points in a season.

Stanley Cup # 1

Sidney won his first Stanley Cup in 2009 with Pittsburgh Penguins when he helped his team reach the finals for the second time. Pittsburgh Penguins played seven games against the Red Wings and won the Cup for the third time.

In the regular season, Sidney Crosby scored 33 goals with 103 points. In this series, earlier, it looked like the Wings were again going to win the Cup. They had tied the series 2-2, and the Wings won the fifth game by 5-0.

The Penguins made a comeback in the sixth game by 2-1 and forced a seventh game. With a defensive game, the Penguins finally won the Cup. This win happened only one year after the Red Wings had defeated Pittsburgh in six games and won the finals.

This year, Sidney showed an impressive performance, scoring 33 goals and 103 total points, making him the third in the ranking. In the playoffs, he scored fifteen goals and 31 points. He had help from Evgeni Malkin during these games, who won the Conn Smythe trophy.

Sidney’s Performance in the Finals

Sidney’s Performance in the Finals of Stanley Cup 1

Stanley Cup # 2

After winning the 2009 Cup, the Penguins continue to fail in capturing the Stanley Cup again. They could only play till the conference finals in 2013 up to 2016. Finally, after six years, they won the Cup against San Jose Sharks in the 2015-16 season with guidance from their new coach Sullivan.

It was a comparatively more straightforward win for the Penguins, and they seemed in control throughout the games.

Sidney Crosby had another great year in the 2015-16 season. He scored 36 goals and 85 points in the 80 games he played. In the Playoffs, he earned six goals and 19 points. He also won the Conn Smythe trophy for the first time this year. By the end of the 2016 season, Crosby was at the top of the list of the best hockey players.

Sidney’s Performance in the Finals

Games Goals Assists Points
Sidney’s Performance in the Finals of Stanley Cup 2

Stanley Cup # 3

In the following season, 2016-17, the Pittsburgh Penguins won the third Stanley Cup for the second year running, with Sidney Crosby leading the team. The Washington Capitals seemed to be the favorites this year, but the Penguins knocked them out in the seven games they played.

And finally, the Penguins won against Nashville Predators in the sixth game 2-0 and became champions again. The teams played this game at Bridgestone Arena. The Pittsburgh Penguins succeeded in winning the Stanley Cup for the first time after the Red Wings won in 1997 and then 1998. This Cup was the franchise’s fifth Stanley Cup.

Crosby finished his 2016 season with 61 goals and 128 points in 103 games, winning the Conn Smythe award as the Most Valuable Player for the second time consecutively. He also won Rocket Richard Trophy for the second time as the leading goal scorer.

Sidney’s Performance in the Finals

Games Goals Assists Points
Sidney’s Performance in the Finals of Stanley Cup 3

How Do the Three Stanley Cups Compare with Other All-Time Greats?

Sidney Crosby has won three Stanley Cups, two Hart Memorial Trophies, two Rocket Richard Trophies, two Art Ross Trophies, and two Conn Smythe Trophies.

The biggest dream of any hockey player is winning the Stanley Cup. Wayne Gretzky, the great one, won four Cups, while Lemieux achieved two, so Crosby stands in between, which is a considerable achievement. Also, winning the two Cups back-to-back is enough to make Crosby a superstar.

Crosby has a career many others dream of. Think of any excellent hockey award, and Sidney Crosby has it. According to the NHL, Sidney is also among the top five hockey players. With his technique, discipline, willpower and the fantastic game he shows in the rink, he is unbeatable and has yet to play more awesome games. And as a side ending note, Sidney has also won Olympic gold medals besides his other achievements.

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