How Many Stanley Cups are There?

Do you know the most important thing around which the world of ice hockey revolves? It is the Stanley Cup! All the games and practice revolve around one purpose; to win the Stanley Cup. But what other facts do you know about the Stanley Cup? Let me tell you a truth about this Cup that will blow your mind.

There is not one Stanley Cup; instead, there are three existing Stanley Cups.

Stanley Cup Trophy
(Stanley Cup Trophy Source: NHL)

The original Stanley Cup is the Dominion Challenge Cup. Lord Stanley donated this Cup, and this Cup got retired in 1960. The Second Cup is the Presentation Cup. You might have seen players skate around with a cup. This one is that Cup. And the third Cup is known as the Hockey Hall of Fame Cup.

Are you interested in exploring more about these cups? Come, let’s do it together.

1. Original Dominion Cup

The Original Dominion Cup is the original Stanley Cup. Lord Frederick Arthur Stanley donated it himself in 1892. The teams winning the Stanley Cup were rewarded this Cup until 1970. The Montreal Amateur Athletic Association was the first team to receive this Cup in 1893.

This original Cup is like a large bowl which stands on a wooden stand. In the beginning, it had only one ring base. Later the teams that won the Cup would add more rings.

After 1970, the officials and the trustees of the Cup determined that it was becoming increasingly weak and brittle. So, its replica was made for future use. Today, this original Cup is present in the trophy room vault at the Hockey Hall of Fame.

2. Presentation Cup 

The Presentation Cup is a replica of the original Dominion Cup. Montreal silversmith Carl Petersen made this Cup in 1963 upon the request of the NHL president Clarence Campbell. They decided to make this copy because the original Cup had become thin and fragile.

The Presentation Cup is in use today. The team that wins the Stanley Cup gets this Cup as an award. You can see the players carrying this Cup when they win the Stanley Cup finals. Players can also take this Cup home with them for summers.

This Cup has a seal of the Hockey Hall of Fame on its bottom. There are also some errors on this Cup which have not been corrected.

3. Hockey Hall of Fame Cup 

The Hockey Hall of Fame Cup is the third Stanley Cup and another replica of the original Cup. The Presentation Cup travels across the world. For example, this Cup is at the places of the players who won this Cup in the summers. It is also there in the Stanley Cup finals and the parades. So, it is impossible to keep this Cup all the time in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

To keep a cup there in the Hall of Fame, this second replica was made in 1983. The name of this Cup is the Hockey Hall of Fame Cup because the sole duty of this Cup is to be there in the Hall of Fame when the Presentation Cup is travelling to different locations.

All the errors present in the Presentation Cup are fixed in this Cup. And might I say, it is a beautiful copy permanently kept in the Hall of Fame.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The critical question is, do the winning teams get some copy of the Stanley Cup? The answer is no. There are only three copies of the Stanley Cup, and none other than these three are made. In sports like MLB, NBA, and the NFL, the teams get a copy of their trophy, but there is no such rule in the NHL.

The teams can take the Stanley Cup with them to celebrate during the summer season, but they have to return the Cup to the trustees when the next season of the game starts.

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