Who Scored the Most Goals in a Single NHL Game?

Who Scored the Most Goals in a Single NHL Game

To discover the player who scored the most goals in the history of the NHL, we have to go back to the last century when ice hockey was in its beginning stage. Yes, the game was different then, which we will discuss later in the post. The NHL was established in 1917, and the number of most goals recorded was recorded in 1920, which is still unbroken.

Joe Malone made the record for most goals scored by scoring seven goals in one game for the Quebec Bulldogs. The modern NHL’s most goals record was 6-six by the St-Louis Blues Red Berenson in 1968, and the same was in 1976, made by Darryl Sitter of Toronto Maple Leafs.

Most Goals Scored In One NHL Game Ever – Joe Malone

Joe Malone – the earliest megastar of the NHL. He had achieved many scoring titles all over his career. The 3-three Stanley cups made him stand in the NHL Hall of Fame players. The ‘Phantom’ is another name given to his sneaking position ability.

joe malone

It was the night of January 31st, 1920, when the most famous hockey feat for which Joe Malone is known. The seven goals he scored for Quebec Bulldogs in 10 by six victory over Toronto. The record of seven goals might become 8-eight goals due to an offside call it didn’t record. Later that night, Malone said: “the only thing I felt that night is the vividly cold.”

Joe Malone records:

  • Most goals in a single game.
  • Most games with five or more goals (almost five games).
  • Fastest player to reach 100 goals and score mark in just 62 games.
  • Highest goal-scoring average record in one season, 44 goals in just 20 games in the 1917-18 season.

How Did Joe Malone Manage To Score Seven Goals In A Single Game?

Back then, scenarios were different today. The NHL game-playing tactics were other, but the media coverage of the stars and mega events was so low. So, this part will give you a sneak look into how hockey was played back then.

The things that were different back then, the game was mostly about end-to-end rushes and stick handling. Passing was very little, plus the goalies were not as sharp as now. Moreover, the team is only composed of 10 players, so it’s an ordinary matter for a player to play for 50+ minutes in a game. These all factors contributed to Joe making a record of seven goals.

The surprising part of that high goal-scoring time is that another superstar of that era, Newsy Lalonde, first set the record of 6-six goals in a single game before Joe Malone just three weeks earlier. However, Joe had another round of six goals only a month later.

But it seems like Joe Malone had never thought that his seven goals record would last for the upcoming century since the rules of the NHL paved the way to score numerous goals by a player in one game. However, as hockey gradually evolved, the chances of many goals in a game became lesser.

Check out the list below of six or goals player’s league:

Joe MaloneJanuary 31st, 19207
Newsy LalondeJanuary 10th, 19206
Joe MaloneMarch 10th, 19206
Corb DenneyJanuary 26th, 19216
Syd HoweFebruary 3rd, 19446
Red BerensonNovember 7th, 19686
Darryl SitterFebruary 7th, 19766

Modern NHL Single Game Most Goals

Red Berenson – Six Goals

Berenson – a player who never had even a hat-trick before his double hat-trick (six goals) in the NHL before six seasons. But the six-year multiple goals drought ended that night, and he appeared as a Game Changer against the Philadelphia Flyers. It was a surprise to all that made everybody stunned. His fans chanted “WE Want RED” and the team’s players. (Source)

The night of November 7th, 1968, proved magical for him as he successfully scored 6-six goals for the St. Louis Blues against the Philadelphia Flyers.

However, the league’s expansion from six teams to twelve teams made an apparent decrease in the overall player quality due to having fewer chances of playing.

Darryl Sitter – Six Goals, Give Four Assists Get 10 Points

The successive six-goal double hat-trick remarkable performance in the NHL belongs to Darryl Sitter. But wait here, what’s so unique in this standout of him?

Well, it’s Darryl Sitter’s stunning and quick-witted moves of the games that he adds four assists in his six goals, leading him to set a 10 points record in a single NHL game. After him, not a single player can score more than 8 points in one game.

What Is the Probability for a Player to Break Joe Malone’s Record?

Am mm, as nothing is guaranteed about the future that what it is holding? But I am not going to say that no one can break this record, looking it impossible, yet it seems almost impossible for some primary reasons.

In modern NHL, many mega stars score a maximum of five goals. Gretzky, Sundin, Kurri, Lemieux and Trottier had five goals in one game.

In the last two decades, five goals records are:

  • 2020 – Mika Zibanejed
  • 2018 – Patrick Laine
  • 2011 – Johan Franzen
  • 2007 – Marion Gaborik

You can see that five goals are set and made only once a decade. One can guess how much hard for a player to tie Malone’s record or to cross him by crossing three more goals. The current NHL games are tight and low-scoring, requiring a miracle to break that record.

Frequently Asked Question

Who scored ten goals in a single hockey game?

Pittsburgh Penguins scored eleven (11) goals on March 27th, 2022, against the Detroit Red Kings in one hockey game. And the Montreal Canadians scored ten (10) goals against the Florida Panthers on April 29th, 2022.  

What are the fastest four goals in NHL history?

It was between St. Louis Blues and Dallas Stars. When the Blues started shooting an avalanche of pucks, that oozed into the Dallas net and resulted in four fastest goals in NHL history ever. Such a thrilling win for the Blues over the Stars.

Is there any team who had zero shots?

The New York Rangers, against the Detroit Red Wings on October 12th, 1958, have shot the fewest – zero shots in the NHL game history.


What do you say about this record? State your opinion regarding the breaking impossibility and possibility of record.

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