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Hey there, Welcome to the Ice Hockey Lovers!

Ice Hockey Lovers, as shown by the name, is the outcome of the love brought out by a qualified and enthusiastic team who have loved and breathed hockey from day one till now. A passionate team dedicated to its passion and wants to spread this love all over the hockey world. We are proud to say that:

We Are The Lovers – Hockey Lovers!

So, if you are a hockey lover too, then come and join this crazy bunch of Ice Hockey Lovers. Get all the knowledge you want to learn about it. We have covered all the parts of hockey, from deep topics on hockey business to light topics on hockey fans and more to go. You can get information for any hockey-related matter, and we assure you that you will get complete and detailed information. You can see the variety of categories we talked about on this site. Because we love to talk about it, discuss it, and write about it.

We want to give this love to all the hockey lovers out there, and we want to grow this love more and more. I think the word ‘LOVE’ is become our slogan, and we are so into it. What can I say about us, – Ah!

We may seem to you like new couples who are madly in love. But our love never gets faded or light. It is growing day by day because we give water to our love plant by connecting to the hockey world and promoting it further.


Story Time ….!!!! Ta-da!

Come and Get ready and read this enjoyable story with the hockey lovers.

Every success, project, and achievement has a story behind it. So, there is a story of all three of us who combined took the initiative to start this Ice Hockey Lovers site.

Since my childhood, when I was around 4 to 5, my two partners were also my age. Oh, wait, before starting this story, I want to tell you that we three came from different backgrounds and met each other when we were teenagers.

So, back to the story—

I grew up in the Ice Hockey fans’ circle. My family, neighbors, and cousins were totally into hockey. Whenever there was a hockey match, they came together to watch, and in their free time, they went and played junior and college hockey. Hence, being surrounded by this type of people, I also fell in love with hockey. My first love! – Oh My

So, at the age of 4, I started skating, and I soon began playing hockey. Every time I was free, I went and watched the match of college hockey players. Even though, at that, I didn’t know many rules of hockey. I just love to watch and play it. Even when I was busy studying, I took my time out to play it. My family and neighbors taught me how to skate and play with sticks. When they went to play, I never backed to join them. I collected my pocket money to buy skating shoes and sticks. I always told everyone that if you want to gift me, please buy me an Ice Hockey kit.

Before we get deeper into the story, it would be better if you, Go and grab your favorite snacks and enjoy reading the story!

How We Three Met?

If I look back, I always smile as it was such a fun meet-up, and you people will also like it. It was the final match between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Detroit Red Wings. What a thriller match it was! 

So, all the fans were fast to buy the ticket. And that’s where we two met.—

I know you will be like, what two? Are not you three? 

My readers, I know you are now shifting to your inquisitive mode. His story will start a little later because we met with him later.

We’re buying the tickets, and there is only one ticket left. And we both were fighting to get that ticket, even willing to pay more for the ticket. Both are fans of the NHL, and on top of that, it was the final. So, none of us wanted to back off and started convincing the seller;–

I was the first one, so give me a ticket; I am the biggest fan of hockey, hockey is in my blood, hockey is my first love, don’t take my love away from me….!

Hahaha, these are the arguments we both gave to the counter. But it’s, the heaven was on our side. Suddenly, a man came and said one of you can have my ticket, and we were like, oh no, why? Why will we take yours? He said I bought two tickets, one for me and the other for my friend but he couldn’t come due to some emergency so, here you can have it and enjoy it!

He gave the ticket to me smilingly and walked away. Thank God!

I felt like my heart would come out happy. I think it was our passion, love, and craze for hockey that nature gave us this opportunity. 

So, I and that other boy, now my partner, rushed to the arena. There was also a nice scene. I looked for a good view where I could see the match clearly. I exchanged the seat and saw he was also coming there to grab the standing point to watch the match. We raced there, too, and gave each other a solid stare. 

As the match moved on and everyone was cheering and jumping there. We soon realized we were both supporting the Pittsburgh Penguin and rooting for Sidney Crosby. We started jumping and cheering together and discussed many game points. That’s when I come to know that he has deep knowledge about ice hockey and is a big fan, too, just like me.

A typical movie scene! – right, but in reality. 

So, that’s how we became friends having similar passions. We connected with each other, and our colleges were also the same but different classes. So, in college, we practiced together and played together. 

Meet With Our Third Friend…!!

You will be surprised to know that our third friend means our third pattern had no passion or love of hockey. And how could he be a hockey fan when he didn’t even know that ice hockey and NHL exist in this world? There is a sport, white hockey – ice hockey on the earth. 

Yeah, you read it right. He had no idea about hockey. All he knows is that there is only green hockey, not ice hockey. As we were shocked to hear that, he was also shocked to know that there is an ice hockey game in this world. 

It was university time, and he was an international student there and our classmate. That was a free day, actually a sports week. So there was a discussion going on about the NHL and the latest matches and stars. He thought the ice hockey as green hockey and got mixed by rules, franchises, and management. So he said that these rules are not like that, franchises are different, etc., and we all started questioning each other and found out that he was thinking of green and ice hockey. Oh My!

So, we told him about the NHL and other stuff. And to officially introduce him to ice hockey, we took him with us to watch a match. Gradually, we briefed him about ice hockey in every single detail. We often took him to the arena and gave him skates and sticks as a gift. So. He soon started getting into the sport with our efforts and the good engaging company.

And now, we all three are here and still love ice hockey after many years. We all are married and watch the game with our family.

How did The Ice Hockey Lovers Get started?

The idea came to mind because of my little son. My son and I watch and play the game together. He asks me so many questions about the ongoing. What is this? Why is this? Etc. Some questions are like that. I also do not know much about them. 

So, with my son raising questions, I thought that many people and young fans had questions about the game and its rules. It was the point where I thought about this project. 

Also, we are so involved in hockey that our wives say that you have no other work than this; you people can never stop. Because whenever we friends have free time, there is ice hockey at every gathering of us.

Our third friend is the other main reason that urged us to work on this project. Just like he didn’t know about ice hockey, many people out there has no idea about this sport. As in some countries, there is no hockey. 

So, to promote ice hockey and make people know about it. We thought to spread it, spread our love of hockey all over the world. Therefore, we there got into it and created this site so that the people whom we cannot reach can get information via the internet world. So our third friend and my son are the motives behind this.

Our motto is to spread the love of ice hockey to all ice hockey known and non-ice hockey known persons. To help new players get the relative information for the upcoming match.    

Our Goal

The Goal of creating this website is to help you learn about the Ice Hockey world by providing high-quality content. Our content is informative, reliable, and easy to read to make fans learn something new.

Through Ice Hockey Lovers, fans and new ice hockey players can get help regarding any query about ice hockey to get their legs up in the next competition. We also provide answers to general questions. 

We are happy to have you on our site and hope our content will help you pull off your hockey dreams and goals. We can assure you will get quality content.

Have fun and a great time while learning!

Our Team

Our in-house team is based on editors, graphic designers, software engineers, and a freelance writer’s network that creates quality and engaging content, helping our website grow higher and reach fans worldwide. So far, we are succeeding in our Goal as our few writers are not ice hockey fans and have little knowledge about it. 

We introduced ice hockey to them and briefed them about all the big and minor details. And just like our friends, they start to like hockey. In fact, now they love to write on ice hockey topics as they are aware of current games and rules and details of the NHL. Thus, we all are a very passionate, hardworking, and sincere team. We love to cooperate and work with each other.

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