What to Wear to a Hockey Game

The Ultimate Guide on What to Wear to a Hockey Game?

Congratulations! We heard that you are going to watch your favorite hockey match. But wait!! Do you even know what to wear to seek fun in your favorite sports? I bet you have marked the preliminary dressing pointers needed to prepare for the match. But we are here to help you choose what to wear to a hockey game?

As you know, hockey fields are packed with ice, and you must think that the temperature there might be at a freezing point for ice that is 0 degrees Celsius. However, it is not the same. In a professional hockey match, the temperature is maintained at 18 degrees Celsius and a sweater is only required. But at local recreational fields, the temperature is maintained at 12 degrees Celsius or even less than this. Therefore, a warm sweater and heavy jackets with woolen gloves will help you enjoy your match to the fullest.

This technology that the NHL uses is up to the mark that it can maintain the ice temperature during indoor matches and outdoor matches. The games in Los Angeles and Dallas during winters had no issue with ice field malfunction. But during summers, the indoor temperature gets too high for the ice to survive, it becomes soft, and skating becomes complicated for the players. However, thanks to the technology used by NHL can hold the ice in shape during all the matches.

Let us look at both situations and see the difference between them.

What Should You Wear to a Hockey Game?

A professional match like the NHL or a local league can be very comfortable despite a lot of ice used to maintain the arena of the ice field. The National Hockey League uses unique technology to keep the ice frozen. This technology is installed under the surface of the ice and only targets the ice above it. In this way, the temperature of the ice is maintained, and the rink also holds a bearable temperature.

However, the average room temperature gets affected because there is practically a pond of ice in the middle of the rink, but the internal temperature of approximately 18,000 people in the rink tries to optimize the wholesome cold at 18 degrees Celsius.

Dress Code Guidelines

Wear pants or jeans but not shorts at a professional or NHL match. Keep your arms covered in case you feel cold. We suggest keeping a sweater or a light jacket with you so that you can use it when the temperature gets low. But a fantastic idea will be to wear your favorite team’s jersey. Every team have their merch, and they are in stuff that protects you from cold. This also forms a supportive environment for your favorite team and an intimidating environment for the opposite team. Those jerseys also help show the team your love and enthusiasm. Furthermore, wear sneakers or boots in the match to help your feet prevent being cold and, in the worst case, avoid frost bites.

Before preparing to attend any match, think about the environment of a movie theatre. It gets cool during the movie interval, and if you do not have anything warm to wear, you will freeze for the whole time. The same is the case with hockey matches. Always have a sweater or a light jacket with you to prevent cold.

Dress to Wear at a Recreational Hockey Game (At a Local Arena)

The environment at local recreational hockey matches can be different. They do not have the technology to maintain the temperature, so that it could be cold there. They have minimum resources and focus on keeping the stability of the ice rink for the players, so their players have the upper hand and have good ice to play. However, the audience must still prepare comfortable and warm dresses to enjoy the match. As for the shoes, always remember to wear winter boots accompanied by socks. Cover your head with a beanie or a hoodie to be on the safer side.

Thus, we will say that always have a warm winter jacket and gloves with you on the ice rink. These arenas can also have some heaters for the audience mounted on the stands, but they do not help much, and you must take care of your comfort. They also sell you hot tea and coffee, but it makes no sense to warm your hand or seek temporary warmth by drinking. A blanket or comforter is also a good idea to prevent cold. Metal bunches might make you feel colder, so a blanket will help.

The Bottom Line on What to Wear to a Hockey Game?

When planning to watch a hockey match on the ice rink, always think of proper dress or clothes that will keep you warm during the game. It would be best if you prepared a little for professional NHL matches because they greatly facilitate their audience and have good customer service. But, for local games on ice rinks, you need to prepare more than enough to have a comfortable and pleasant experience; otherwise, you will freeze to death if we exaggerate the situation. This article was about guidelines for choosing the right clothes for hockey matches. If you like this article, comment below and write some words of appreciation for us. Thank you!

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