Are Ice Hockey Arenas Cold

Are Ice Hockey Arenas Cold? And What Should Wear?

What comes to your mind on listening to the word “ice hockey”? Ice is a depiction of low temperature and cold. So, ever wondered what the temperature of hockey arenas would be? How cold would they be?

It is necessary to keep the temperature low in the arenas so that the ice remains frozen. Therefore, the temperature is set to be freezing or below the freezing level.

Professional Hockey Arena Temperatures

In all professional hockey games, the temperature of arenas is usually between 60F (15C) and 65F (18C). The management keeps the initial temperature at 60F (15C) when the game starts, and later as the game progresses, they try to maintain the temperature at 65F (18C) according to the NHL recommendations.

It is colder near the ice because the ice temperature is even lower. Water freezes to ice at 32F (0C), so the temperature near the ice is lower. The NHL recommends not to increase the temperature to greater than 24 degrees, but hockey is a much-loved sport. Therefore, many people come to watch the game.

The greater the number of people in the building, the higher the temperature because of the crowd. Hence to cater to this issue, the ice technicians use the HVAC systems to keep the building colder and help avoid the temperature rise. This also depends on the venue or the city where the game occurs.

What Should You Wear to a Professional Hockey Game?

So, what you should wear to a professional hockey game if it is this cold. A valid question! You are required to wear something to avoid freezing in the cold. But remember, it is not that cold. It’s just a little more than the average, so an average jacket or sweater will be enough to keep you warm and comfortable. Heavy coats, gloves, and ski toques are not at all required.

Recreational Hockey Arena Temperatures and What to Wear?

And now comes the recreational hockey arena. What would be the temperature at the recreational hockey arena? Yes, colder than the professional hockey arena! The temperatures at a recreational hockey venue range around 55F (12C) which is chiller than the professional arenas.

So, if you are going to watch a game of recreational ice hockey for the first time, watch out. You may catch a cold if you don’t dress up according to the temperature. Here you will need to wear more layers of clothing. You need to bring warm coats, gloves, and ski toques. You can also get a blanket to put on your lap or put it on the bench that you will sit on.

You can also wear wool socks and your winter boots. Better safe than sorry. Some hockey arenas also have overhead heaters installed in the stands if you feel colder. Choose a warm place there, and you will be comfortable enough.

What About the Players, Are They Cold at the Rink? 

You might be wondering about the players. If it is so cold in the arenas, what is the situation at the rink, and are the players cold? Well, no, they are not. Instead, they are warm. It is because hockey is a highly physical game. Despite the ice is cold, the tension and the nerves are enough to warm you up. All the running and the physical activity are a plus. So, you are literally sweating on the ice.

What Happens to the Quality of the Ice as the Game Goes on? 

The cold temperatures are essential to maintain the ice quality throughout the game and keep it smooth enough for the players to play well. But still, the quality of ice keeps deteriorating as the game progresses, mainly due to the continuous activity.

This is one of the most critical issues the NHL and the ice technicians have to work on. They are continuously working on improving this regard by using newer technologies. The bad condition of the ice makes it difficult to carry on a smooth, good game. 

Do Arenas have Hot Drinks to Buy? 

The cold makes you think of eating warmer things, especially hot things. Consider enjoying the beautifully enthusiastic hockey game within the stadium with your favorite team and players in action in front of your eyes and sipping a large mug of hot chocolate.

What would be a better break from all the monotonous tiring everyday routine? Anyways, can you buy hot drinks at arenas? Yes, you can. Both the professional and the recreational arenas offer various food and drinks for the spectators during the game. The prices are usually higher in professional arenas than in recreational ones. So, do watch out for your pocket.

The Bottom Line on Are Ice Hockey Arenas Cold?

And here we conclude. The hockey arenas are cold, so if you watch a hockey game, you should dress accordingly to avoid any discomfort. The recreational arenas are colder than the professional ones, so you need more layers of clothing there. Good luck with watching your first real ice hockey game out there! Yes, to an amazingly fantastic enjoyment you will cherish throughout your life!

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