How does a Goalie get a Win in Hockey

How does a Goalie get a Win in Hockey? Explained with Scenarios!

Have you ever thought of how a goalie gets a win in a hockey match? This blog will assist you in understanding the rules behind this question. Usually, observing the goalie’s performance can help determine which team will win the game if there is only one goalie in the whole game. And more precisely, that there is hardly any substitute of the goalie present in one game makes it more predictable about who will face the victory or defeat.

Usually, the team’s goal when their goalie is in the crease is called the winning one. If this is the last winning goal, the same is for the losing goal. The amount of time spent in the goalie’s net is not relatable. Only the presence of the goalie is when the goal is scored.

What is the Game Winning Goal?

The game-winning goal is the one that is scored by the team to make their scores larger in number than their opposing team. Moreover, the National Hockey League also defines a winning goal as; the goal that makes the team one goal ahead of their opponents when the final score has been determined.

Let’s understand with an example. There are on the ice rink, Team 1 and Team 2. They scored 8-3, and the player from Team 1 who scores the fourth goal for his team will be called the goal-winning player. And that goal the goal-winning player scores is called the winning goal. There is a misunderstanding between the audience about the number of goals the teams make. The number of goals does not matter for the winning goal, just the goal that makes the goals more than the opposing team.

Which Goalie gets the win?

The goalie who makes most of the moves during the whole game is the goalie-winning goalie. We will discuss three scenarios of the goalie being a goal winner in the following section of the blog:

Scenario 1

Let us say that two teams are in the rink, and team A is doing astonishingly well and has made the record of scoring the fastest goal at first with an overall score of 1 to 0. But what happens next is that the opponents get aggressive and cause the starting goalie to get injured severely. This was bad, the backup goalie joined the match, and the pace of the game was maintained the same, with the final score of 4 to 0. Team A wins against team B.

Conclusively, who will be the winner goalie f this match? The starting goalie will take the honor as he was the one in the crease when the winning goal was scored by team A. The backup goalie maintained his pace but did not score the winning goal.

Scenario 2

The match is in the third section, and the score is two to one, but unfortunately, the goalie at the start gets into an injury. In this situation, the backup goalie came into action and helped in his capabilities to his team. And the score changes from three to two. Here the win belongs to the backup goalie and not the starting goalie, as he was in the net when the third score was scored.

Scenario 3

Let’s suppose that one team in a game got upset with their stomach as they had something terrible from the pre-game meal. Thus, they could not attend the match, but the opposing team forfeited them with four to zero. The coach was observing the situation and decided to change a goalie. I respected the previous goalie.

When the backup goalie came, he turned the table with his splendid goalkeeping skills. The team that did not show up made a victory by five to four. Now the full credit for winning the game goes to those other than the goalie! As he was in the net when the winning score was scored thus, the win belongs to him.

The Bottom Line on How does a Goalie get a Win in Hockey?

In summary, the goalie has a significant role in ice hockey. He is the boss of the crease, his performance predicts the game’s future, he must be vigilant of all the skills needed for a perfect player, and he gets the title of winning goalie or losing goalie when a team gets victory or when loses a game. Thus, the position of goalies is very hard in all the positions in the ice hockey game. In this blog, we discussed the winning goal and how the goalie gets the win for his team. We discussed possible scenarios explaining all the myths and facts about the goalie winning the goal.

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