Where can the Goalie Play the Puck

Where can the Goalie Play the Puck?

If you are an admirer of ice hockey, you must have known that the hockey goalie is the king of the whole ice rink. However, he is bound to several rules for playing the puck. Like this question, where can a goalie play the puck? This article will teach you about the goalie playing the puck. We hope you will like it!

Occasionally, the goalie is seemed to be chasing the puck thrown by the opponent team and handling the puck behind him and the net. The goalie can play the puck between the line marked in red color in the middle of the ice rink, additionally, at the end of the rink where there are goal lines. And lastly, he can also play the puck in the trapezoid behind the net.

Thus, in the three mentioned areas, the goalie can play the puck to defend the opposing team’s goal in the rink. He can skate out of the crease and capture, shoot, and pass the puck to his desired area. Point to be noted, if the goalie is seen not following these rules of playing the puck, then the penalty of two minutes is a conclusion.

Where is the Goalie prohibited from playing the Puck?

Under section 27.7 of the National hockey league rule book, the goalies are prohibited from the actions of the puck. He is not allowed to enter the red line of the rink under his opponent’s control. That is the half of the rink where the opposing team has charge. Also, he cannot approach or check his opponent in the other half of the rink populated with the opposing team.

Moreover, the goalie is prohibited from playing the puck in two other zones behind the goal. These zones are behind the goal line and apart from the trapezoid in the rink’s corners. If the puck enters these points, the goalie is prohibited from entering these zones, but if the goalie is standing in these zones, he can touch the puck that has not entered these zones.

Conclusively, If the goalie plays the puck in these prohibited areas and zones, he will face a minor penalty of two minutes from the referee for not abiding by the rules of the NHL. But there is an exception that says that if the goalie enters these zones while he is contacted with his crease through skate, he will not get a penalty.

Why is the Goalie limited to play in limited areas?

The restriction of skating out the puck in certain areas was not there before the 2005-2006 matches. These new rules were added before the seasonal matches of 2005-2006 and were determined to increase the offense in the ice hockey games.

Before the seasonal match in 2005, the defense of the goalie was so strong that it had made it difficult for the opposing team to score a goal. Thus, the NHL created these rules to restrict the goalie’s movement in defense and strengthen the opposition’s offense.

Pros of a Goalie playing the Puck

There are many advantages of the goalie playing the puck in the match. It makes the defense strong for the goalie’s team. The goalie can get hold of the puck in the designated zones and pass it to his team members before his opponent chases the puck. It also helps in avoiding the check and impedes the defenseman and offense-man.

Further, it helps in transitioning the teams from defending and offending modes. Lastly, playing the puck, the goalie will help him take control of the puck before the opposing team builds strain on his team, as the pressure created by the opponents in any game can turn the table of the game and lead to the victory of the team, creating pressure.

Goalies are determined to help their team members, and they try their best to increase the defense of their team members in the rounds. Thus, goalies playing and handling the puck must consider his motion.

Cons of a Goalie playing the Puck

As we discussed earlier that goalie is known as the king of the ice rink in the match. This qualifies that game depends on the actions of the goalie. He can make his team win a score in that match, or he can make his team drown with a small mistake he makes. Thus, a goalie playing with the puck has some cons.

When the goalie is out of the crease, leaving the net alone, there are chances that he misses the puck or fails to pass it to the right player. Then, the opponents have a hundred percent chance of scoring a point in the game. When the goalie leaves the net unattended, he needs to be cautious of his moves as he can turn over the whole game.

Let us discuss an incident of the same type. In 2006, the first round of the Stanley Cup Finals was held between Carolina and Edmonton. The goalies from the Edmonton Oilers left the net while only thirty seconds were left to the game and caused a score in the opponent’s favor. This is a widespread and famous example of a goalie dealing with the puck incorrectly.

The Bottom Line on Where can the Goalie Play the Puck?

To sum up, everything that has been discussed so far, I will say that ice hockey might seem to be a straightforward game, but it has got some very complex rules. If ice hockey gives authority to its goalies, it also demands cautious actions from them in handling and playing the puck. This article revealed everything a person needs to know about a goalie playing the puck. We discussed the designated areas where the goalie can and cannot skate. We also mentioned the pros and cons of a goalie playing the puck. They are followed by a goalie’s poor handling of the puck. This blog will help and if it does, drop a comment below!

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