NHL Mascot Salary: How Much Does Gritty Get Paid?

Have you ever wondered about the financial world behind the oversized googly eyes and orange fur of Gritty, the Philadelphia Flyers’ beloved mascot? In this article, we delve into the captivating realm of NHL mascot salaries, with a special focus on the iconic Gritty. Prepare to uncover the fascinating dynamics that influence these lovable characters’ earnings in the world of professional sports and entertainment.

Gritty’s Hourly Earnings

Gritty’s paycheck is nothing short of astounding. This zany, 7 foot tall creature commands a whopping $3,000 per hour for appearances at events. Imagine getting paid $3,000 to bring joy and laughter to fans! Gritty’s role as the official mascot of the Philadelphia Flyers has certainly proven to be a lucrative endeavor.

The Unconventional Rise of Gritty

Gritty burst onto the sports scene in September 2018, instantly capturing hearts and headlines. At first glance, this bright orange, shaggy creature with asymmetrical googly eyes and a mischievous grin might have seemed unconventional, but it didn’t take long for Gritty to become an internet sensation.

The Influence of Popularity

Mascot salaries in the NHL can vary widely, and Gritty’s case highlights the significant impact of popularity. The more beloved a mascot is, the higher their earning potential. Gritty’s playful and irreverent demeanor struck a chord with fans, making it a symbol of the Flyers’ passionate spirit.

From memorable moments like slipping on the ice during its debut to engaging in entertaining stunts, Gritty went viral, garnering attention far beyond the hockey world. This level of popularity translates directly into a higher income for the mascot.

A Closer Look at Gritty’s Costume

Gritty’s costume is a masterpiece of quirky design:

Fur Texture

– The costume boasts a shaggy and uneven faux fur texture, adding to its scruffy and unkempt appearance, which fans adore.

Orange Color Palette

– Vibrant orange dominates the costume, reflecting the Flyers’ colors and making Gritty instantly recognizable.

Bulging Eyes

– The costume features large, asymmetrical googly eyes, contributing to Gritty’s zany expression and appeal.

Tongue and Belly Button

– Gritty’s long, pink tongue often hangs out of its mouth, adding to its playful demeanor. And yes, it even has a visible “belly button” – a humorous touch that further emphasizes its quirkiness.

Fashion and Team Spirit

– Gritty often sports a customized Flyers jersey, complete with the team’s logo and colors, fostering a sense of team spirit.


– You might spot Gritty with scarves, hats, or other items related to the Flyers or the current season’s festivities.

Wild Hair and Expressive Features

– At the top of its head is a tuft of unkempt, bright orange hair, adding to the chaotic appearance. Thick, expressive eyebrows and a perpetually goofy grin complete the ensemble.

Clown-like Shoes and Animated Features

– Gritty’s oversized shoes resemble clown shoes and are usually adorned with team colors and logos. Some versions of the costume even include interactive elements like moveable eyes or animatronic features, enhancing its ability to engage with fans.

NHL Mascot Salaries: Beyond Gritty

Gritty’s earnings are impressive, but how do other NHL mascots fare financially? On average, NHL mascots make around C$90,000 annually. However, this number can vary widely based on factors like popularity, team budgets, and responsibilities.

Reports suggest that the mean income for an NHL mascot ranges from US$65,000 to US$70,000, equivalent to C$86,000 to C$93,000 per year. But keep in mind that the baseline salary for mascots hovers around C$35,579.

Comparatively, other sports leagues have distinctive payment structures for their mascots. In the NBA, annual compensation averages $48,000, while in MLB, it reaches $51,600. The NHL sits comfortably in the middle with a median mascot salary of $68,000.

The Pinnacle of Mascot Earnings

Among the ranks of NHL mascots, “Youppi!” from the Montreal Canadiens stands tall, both in terms of antics and earnings. This iconic character boasts a noteworthy annual income of approximately $100,000.

Factors Influencing Mascot Earnings

The financial tapestry of NHL mascots is intricately woven with factors such as team fiscal health, popularity, and involvement in various events and commitments. These lovable figures contribute to the vibrant atmosphere during games, engaging with fans through entertaining antics, dance-offs, and crowd interactions.

Community and Camaraderie

NHL mascots go beyond the ice rink, actively participating in community events, charity drives, and school visits. They inspire a sense of community and camaraderie, bringing smiles to the faces of fans and deepening the connection to the franchise they love.

NHL Mascots: The Complete List

Here’s a list of all the NHL mascots, each adding their unique charm to the game:

Mascot NameTeam
Al the OctopusDetroit Red Wings
BaileyLos Angeles Kings
Bernie the St. BernardColorado Avalanche
BladesBoston Bruins
Carlton the BearToronto Maple Leafs
Fin the WhaleVancouver Canucks
GnashNashville Predators
GrittyPhiladelphia Flyers
Harvey the HoundCalgary Flames
HowlerArizona Coyotes
HunterEdmonton Oilers
IceburghPittsburgh Penguins
LouieSt. Louis Blues
NordyMinnesota Wild
SabretoothBuffalo Sabres
S.J. SharkieSan Jose Sharks
SlapshotWashington Capitals
Sparky the DragonNew York Islanders
Victor E. GreenDallas Stars
Anaheim DucksAnaheim Ducks
StormyCarolina Hurricanes
Tommy HawkChicago Blackhawks
StingerColumbus Blue Jackets
Stanley C. PantherFlorida Panthers
Youppi!Montreal Canadiens
SpartacatOttawa Senators
Buoy!Seattle Kraken
ThunderBugTampa Bay Lightning
ChanceVegas Golden Knights

These mascots are more than just costumed characters; they are the heartbeat of the NHL, embodying the team’s spirit and uniting fans in a shared love for the game.


In the world of professional sports and entertainment, mascots like Gritty play an essential role. Their financial trajectories are as diverse as their appearances, and their popularity can significantly impact their earnings. As they continue to infuse arenas with enthusiasm and leave a trail of smiles, the significance of their contributions becomes as tangible as the rink itself.

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