TOP 10 Longest NHL Playoff Games in the Modern Era

TOP 10 Longest NHL Playoff Games

Do you know what humans hate? The monotony and the things that stretch out for hours! Keeping in mind that human nature, hockey’s rules evolved, and the best thing is that every hockey game has a specific time at which it ends. But there are instances when a game was prolonged. It was also fun.

It was so fun to go through the old stories of these games and remember those great goals and nerve-wracking moments. The teams who played the top 10 most extended NHL games are Philadelphia Flyers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Edmonton Oilers, Dallas Stars, Washington Capitals, Anaheim Ducks, New Jersey Devils, Buffalo Sabres, San Jose Sharks, Vancouver Canucks, and Tampa Bay Lightning. All these teams form this group of the NHL that played the longest NHL games.

Let’s look into the top 10 longest NHL Playoff games and learn more about these NHL games.

Top 10 Longest NHL Playoff Games

I’ll break down the top 10 longest NHL playoff games that were wonderful, and the crowd feels the unforgettable experience in these games. The list is below down.

1. Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh – May 4th, 2000

Keith Primeau 5OT Goal 2000 Playoffs
DateTeamsGoalsStageOT LengthOvertimesBreakthrough Player
May 4, 2000Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh2-1Conf. Semifinal92:015Keith Primeau, Philadelphia

Game Analysis

This game is the longest overtime goal of all time. This game was an iconic one. The Philadelphia Flyers seemed to be losing the game in the beginning by 2-0. The third game went well for them, scoring 4-3 in the overtime.

Game four became tougher to decide, which was more of a goalie duel. Keith Primeau seized his chances successfully and brought victory to his team. The game is unforgettable for the fans of both sides and the longest NHL Playoff game of the modern era!

2. Tampa Bay vs. Columbus – August 11th, 2020

Brayden Point OT Goal 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs ECQF Game 5
DateTeamsGoalsStageOT LengthOvertimesBreakthrough Player
Aug. 11, 2020Tampa Bay vs. Columbus3-2Eastern Conf. 1st Round90:275Brayden Point, Tampa Bay

Game Analysis

It was the second-longest NHL Playoff game, another thriller!

Both teams displayed exceptional performance throughout the game; you couldn’t know which to favor. Pierre-Luc Dubois was the first to score in the match, against whom Brayden Point scored within minutes.

In the fifth overtime period, Brayden Point also snatched the victory from the Columbus Blue Jackets by scoring a goal, and the Tampa Bay Lightning won 3-2. The statistics of this game are spectacular. This goal also led the Tampa Bay Lightning to the Stanley Cup win.

3. Anaheim vs. Dallas – April 24th, 2003

Petr Sykora Game 1 OT goal vs Dallas Stars 2003
DateTeamsGoalsStageOT LengthOvertimesBreakthrough Player
April 24, 2003Anaheim vs. Dallas4-3Conf. Semifinal80:485Petr Sykora, Anaheim

Game Analysis

And now, over to the third-longest NHL Playoff game.

The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim were comparatively newer time at that time. The most important thing to remember is they were a seventh-seeded team against the second-seeded team and yet seized the victory against them.

Jason Krog was the first to score in the first period. Derian Hatcher of Dallas leveled the score and tied the game 1-1. Brendan Morrow’s score in the last less than three minutes of the regulation sent the game into overtime.

Petr Sykora finally scored in the fifth overtime period, sealing the victory for Anaheim. Anaheim reached the finals too, where they lost against the Devils.

4. Pittsburgh vs. Washington – April 24th, 1996

Petr Nedved Quadruple Overtime Goal – 1996 Playoffs, R1G6 vs. Capitals
DateTeamsGoalsStageOT LengthOvertimesBreakthrough Player
April 24, 1996Pittsburgh vs. Washington3-2Conf. Quarterfinal79:154Petr Nedved, Pittsburgh

Game Analysis

The Washington Capitals were leading this series 2-1, but the Pittsburgh Penguins made an astonishing comeback, winning the following games and sending the Caps back home.

It also turned out to be a do-or-die game for both teams. Both committed several infractions, and the game included 75 penalty minutes. Petr Nedved scored in the end, dodging the Caps goalie Olaf Kolzig who couldn’t make a save this time.

Pittsburgh also won the next two games.

5. Vancouver vs. Dallas – April 11th, 2007

Playoff Moment – Henrik Sedin Quadruple OT Goal vs. Stars
DateTeamsGoalsStageOT LengthOvertimesBreakthrough Player
April 11, 2007Vancouver vs. Dallas5-4Conf. Quarterfinal78:064Henrik Sedin, Vancouver

Game Analysis

This was the first game of the first round of the 2007 Stanley Cup Playoffs, which turned out to be an all-night game. Daniel Sedin was the first to score in the game, tied by Brendan Morrow almost immediately.

In the fourth overtime period, Henrik Sedin ended the game, at last bringing in the triumph for his team.

6. Dallas vs. San Jose – April 4th, 2008

Brenden Morrow’s Goal in the 4th OT Period
DateTeamsGoalsStageOT LengthOvertimesBreakthrough Player
May 4, 2008Dallas vs. San Jose2-1Conf. Semifinal69:034Brenden Morrow, Dallas

Game Analysis

Another longest Playoff game, again played by the Dallas! Dallas was leading the series by a 3-0 in the beginning.

None of the teams could score in the first period of the game. Anti-Miettinen broke the ice by scoring in the second period. Both teams underwent immense pressure, with 116 shots on goal, 142 hits, and 104 faceoffs. Brendan Morrow put an end to the game with a winning goal.

7. Washington vs. New York Islanders – April 18th, 1987, Game 7

Easter Epic – Islanders at Capitals – April 18, 1987 – Capital Centre, Landover MD
DateTeamsGoalsStageOT LengthOvertimesBreakthrough Player
April 18, 1987N.Y. Islanders vs. Washington3-2Division Semifinal68:474Pat LaFontaine, N.Y. Islanders

Game Analysis

One of the older games, this game proved to be a beginning of a new era of long NHL games. In 1971, a game had three overtime periods, and it was in 1951 that a game went to the fourth period.

It was the time when hockey didn’t last too long. This game lasted six hours, ending at 1:58 am on a local night on Easter. Therefore, it is also known as Easter Epic.

8. Buffalo vs. New Jersey – April 27th, 1994, Game 6

FLASHBACK: Dave Hannan’s OT winner
DateTeamsGoalsStageOT LengthOvertimesBreakthrough Player
April 27, 1994Buffalo vs. New Jersey1-0Conference Quarterfinal65:434Dave Hannan, Buffalo

Game Analysis

One of the most unique games in the history of hockey! Why? Because this game ended 1-0, both the teams showed an exceptional match, playing seven periods before one scored.

The game saw the greatest goalies of all time; Dominik Hasek and Martin Brodeur. They put up an unmatched match that day.

9. Dallas vs. Edmonton – April 27th, 1999

DateTeamsGoalsStageOT LengthOvertimesBreakthrough Player
April 27, 1999Dallas vs. Edmonton3-2Conference Quarterfinal57:343Joe Nieuwendyk, Dallas

Game Analysis

The Dallas swept out the Edmonton Oilers 4-0. This led Dallas to the Stanley Cup finals. This was also revenge against the Oilers, who defeated Dallas two years ago in the Playoffs.

10. Anaheim vs. Chicago – May 20th, 2015, Game 2

Gotta See It: Kruger scores triple overtime winner
DateTeamsGoalsStageOT LengthOvertimesBreakthrough Player
May 19, 2015Chicago vs. Anaheim3-2Western Conf. Final56:123Marcus Kruger, Chicago

Game Analysis

Sadly, for the Anaheim Ducks, they could never get to the Stanley Cup finals before, and the same happened to them this year, too, where they lost the last match that had to decide the team that would go on to play for the Stanley Cup.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many NHL games had quadrupled over time?

In NHL postseason games history, there have been nine games that went into triple overtime. The most famed match was in the Western Conference Semifinal’s Game 6 in 2008. At that time, Dallas Stars defeated the San Jose Sharks by 2-1.

How many games have the most overtime sessions?

The NHL’s longest game went into six overtime sessions. It was the time of the 1936 Stanley cup finals when the Mud Bruneteau goal made the Detroit Red Wings victorious over the Montreal Maroons by a 2-1 victory. 

What is the length of overtime in the NHL regular season?

The NHL regular season overtime is 5 minutes long after the standard 60 minutes game. If neither team wins, the game will be followed by a shoutout.

What is the length of overtime in the NHL playoff season?

The NHL playoff games’ overtime lasts for 20 minutes. The winning team would be the one who scores first. If the winner is still unknown and the score is tied, then there will be another 20 minutes of overtime to decide the winner.


Kruger scored the goal that sealed their fate. So, this is the list of the ten longest NHL Playoff games, each with its story of success and defeat, hard work and challenges, and the efforts put in.

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