What are Points in Hockey

What are Points in Hockey? How to Calculated?

While reading the hockey statistics, you find a lot of short forms. Some seem obvious, and some  seem to be a little confusing if you are new to the world of hockey statistics. One of these abbreviations is a p. This abbreviation is one of the easier ones and the most cared  ones. P stands for the points a team has gained in all the games it has played.  

What are the points? Points are a team’s score that is equal to the total goals and assists the  players have gained. One goal or one assist equals one point. Later, all these points are added for a cumulative score. 

Do Goals and Assists both Count as One Point?

Do goals and assists count as one point? This is an important question to be answered. Both goals and assists are equal to one point. In the NHL, one goal may constitute two assists. There is also the possibility that a goal may have zero or only one assist to it. But both goal and  assist will equal one point for the player in the statistics table.  

Because a single goal can have up to two assists, the assists of a player may be greater than his  total points. Players get the assist point when they are the last two players who helped in scoring the goal  after gaining the puck from the other team. 

Examples for Reading Points Stats

Now, how do you read the points from the box score when a game is going on? Consider the following example: 

how do you read the points from the box score

The image above shows the listing of goals in the box score during a game played amongst the  two teams, the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Vegas Golden Knights. 

Let’s read the table. 

After 2 minutes and 53 seconds into the game, Evgeni Malkin from the Pittsburgh Penguins scored  a goal. Bryan Rust and Dominik Kahun assisted in this goal. The number ‘12’ written with

Malkin’s name is to show that it was his 12th goal of the season. On the other hand, Rust has  made the 18th assist of the season and Kahun has assisted the 13th. Both the goal and the assist provide one point for these players.  

Now, if we check the bottom of the game box score: 

Penguins top players points table

This table lists all the goals, assists and points of the Pittsburgh Penguins’ top players. 

The PTS in the table is for the cumulative points. Points are calculated by adding the goals and  assists. The players’ statistics highlight the goals, assists, and points they have gained throughout the  season. 

Does the Leader of Total Points in a Season get an Award?

Do you know what motivates humans to work better and harder? The awards are a huge  motivational factor for humans.  

So, if a player works so hard, he deserves to get some sort of appreciation for all the hard work  he has put in. Do the top players with the highest number of points get some awards? Yes, they do. The players who score the highest number of points in hockey get the special Art  Ross Trophy. 

How Many Points does a Player get in a Season? 

An important question arises here. How many points in ice hockey can the players score in a season? The number varies depending on the players. Some players are offensive players, while others  show exceptional defensive play. 

A player may score about twenty to a hundred points in a complete season. You should score  forty or more points to prove yourself to the NHL teams. 

The following players have the highest points in the 2018-19 season.

Nikita KucherovTampa Bay128
Connor McDavidEdmonton116
Patrick KaneChicago110
Leon DraisaitlEdmonton105
Brad MarchandBoston100
Sidney CrosbyPittsburgh100
Nathan MacKinnonColorado99
Johnny GaudreauCalgary99
Steven StamkosTampa Bay98
Aleksander BarkovFlorida96
Table of Highest Points in 2018-19 Seasons Players

Wayne Gretzky, the great one, is the top scorer of all time. (Take a look at Gretzky’s points for each of his teams) One of the most terrific seasons that  Gretzky has played is the 1985-86 season in which he scored 215 points. The only time he stands  second is when Mario Lemieux scored 199 points and stood first.  

And here we end the brief information on points “p” or “PTS” in ice hockey.

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