Capital One Arena Purse Policy 2023: Your Comprehensive Guide!

In the heart of Washington, D.C., the Capital One Arena stands as a premier venue for a myriad of events, hosting over 4,500 gatherings and welcoming an astounding 47 million guests since its inception on December 2, 1997. If you’re planning to attend an event at this iconic venue, understanding its purse policy is essential for a seamless experience.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the Capital One Arena purse policy and other important regulations to ensure you’re well-prepared.

Capital One Arena Purse Policy: What You Need to Know!

When it comes to personal items you can bring into the Capital One Arena, the policy is clear and straightforward. Visitors are permitted to carry wallet-size clutches, provided they do not exceed the dimensions of 5 inches by 7 inches. These clutches are ideal for carrying essentials like cards, IDs, and small personal items.

However, it’s crucial to note that backpacks, large bags, roller bags, and briefcases are strictly forbidden within the venue. There are exceptions for medical and parenting bags, but these must adhere to specific size restrictions, not exceeding 14″ x 14″ x 6″.

Refreshments and Beverage Policy

To maintain a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all guests, the Capital One Arena has a policy against bringing outside food, alcoholic, or non-alcoholic beverages into the venue during games, concerts, or events. However, the venue permits one empty water bottle per person for personal use, with water fountains available throughout the premises.

Capital One Arena Bag Policy: Security Measures

The Capital One Arena enforces a strict no-bag policy, except for medical and parenting bags that meet the size criteria mentioned earlier. All bags brought to the venue are subject to security screening in accordance with their regulations.

To streamline the entry process, the venue recommends using the entrance on the corner of 6th and F Street. Additionally, lockers are available for rent, providing a convenient storage option for items that do not meet the venue’s policy.

Expedited Entry with Clear Bags

For a hassle-free experience, the arena suggests using clear bags, as they can expedite the entry process. This recommendation was reinforced by the venue in a tweet dated November 16, 2018. Guests are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the policies in advance to ensure a smooth and trouble-free visit.

Prohibited Items

To maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all attendees, certain items are strictly prohibited within the arena. These include:

  • Weapons of any kind
  • Outside food and beverages
  • Laser pointers
  • Cans, bottles, or coolers
  • Monopods, tripods, or selfie sticks
  • Sirens, kazoos, can-operated air horns, whistles, and other noise makers
  • Video and audio recording devices

Additional Rules for Your Consideration

While attending events at the Capital One Arena, keep these additional rules in mind:

  • Smoking and vaping are prohibited within the venue.
  • Guests are encouraged to adhere to the Arena Code of Conduct.
  • Video recording is strictly prohibited.
  • SLR-type cameras are allowed for the Capitals, Wizards, and Georgetown games but not for concerts.
  • Small signs, posters, and flags for events are allowed unless otherwise specified by teams or event management.
  • Prohibited items cannot be checked or stored inside the arena.
  • Entry can be denied for guests possessing prohibited items or refusing security screening.
  • A dedicated Lost and Found Service is available for misplaced items.

Capital One Arena Umbrella Policy

For those unpredictable D.C. rain showers, it’s important to note the umbrella policy at the Capital One Arena. Collapsible umbrellas are permitted, while long or golf umbrellas are not allowed inside the venue.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

The Capital One Arena has taken pride in being a Sensory Inclusion Venue since 2019. They offer Sensory bags to visitors with sensory processing issues and provide assisted listening devices for all events utilizing the house sound system, all free of cost. Wheelchair transportation and escort services are available upon request at Guest Services or by speaking to any team member upon entry.

Simplifying Entry and Parking

To ensure a smooth entry process, bring your photo ID and be prepared for a security check upon arrival. Limit your carry-on items to wallet-size clutches that conform to the size regulations, making your entry swift and efficient.

For those driving to the arena, parking has never been easier with Spot Hero, the nationwide leader for booking parking spots online. Reservations for Lexus Garage Parking can be made online, enhancing your overall experience.

Capital One Arena Seating Charts

Understanding the seating options at the Capital One Arena is essential for choosing the best spot to enjoy your event. The seating capacity varies depending on the type of event:

  • For ice hockey games, the capacity is 18,506.
  • For basketball matches, the capacity increases to 20,356.

Seating charts are available for different events, including concerts, ice hockey, and basketball games. Examining these charts before purchasing tickets can greatly enhance your overall experience. Keep in mind that ticket prices may vary depending on the selected seat, so consider your preferences when making your purchase.

Seating Highlights

For ice hockey games, sections 100-121, also known as the lower-level sections, provide an immersive viewing experience close to the action, with sections 102 and 103 offering the best view of the Capitals’ offense during the first and third periods.

The 200-level sections, often referred to as Club Level seats, offer a combination of great views and a luxurious experience, as they are closest to available services. The Capital One Arena is renowned for its excellent customer service, making Club seating highly desirable for fans seeking comfort and an excellent view.

The 400-level seats, also known as the Mezzanine, are among the most affordable options but are further from the action and may have obstructed views.

Concert Seating Tips

For concerts, the seating layout typically follows an end-stage concert setup. Floors 1, 2, and 3 are closest to the stage and provide the best views of the performers. Sections 112, 113, and 120 are stadium seats that offer elevated views.

For the utmost comfort and the closest view of the performers, consider Sections 104, 105, 106, and 107, located directly across the stage. Sections 113-119, while close to the stage, may be behind the performers and could affect your overall experience.

Upcoming Events at Capital One Arena

Now that you’re well-versed in the Capital One Arena’s policies and seating options, let’s take a look at some exciting upcoming events:

1Sep 11, 20237:30 PMGreta Van Fleet – Starcatcher World Tour
2Sep 12, 20236:30 PM$uicideboy$ – Grey Day Tour 2023
3Sep 13, 20237 PMDuran Duran – Future Past
4Sep 16, 20237:30 PMAndre Rieu & his Johann Strauss Orchestra
5Sep 20, 20238 PMPeter Gabriel – i/o The Tour
6Sep 23, 20237 PMJonas Brothers – FIVE ALBUMS. ONE NIGHT
7Sep 24, 20232 PMWashington Capitals vs. Buffalo Sabres (Pre-Season)
8Sep 26, 20238 PMWu-Tang Clan & Nas – NY State of Mind Tour
9Sep 27, 20237 PMAerosmith – PEACE OUT The Final Farewell Tour with The Black Crowes
10Sep 28, 20237 PMWashington Capitals vs. Detroit Red Wings (Pre-Season)
11Sep 29, 20238 PMMarco Antonio Solis – El Buki World Tour 2023
12Oct 7, 20237 PMWashington Capitals vs. Columbus Blue Jackets
13Oct 10, 20237 PMWashington Wizards vs. Cairns Taipans (Pre-Season)
14Oct 12, 20237 PMWashington Wizards vs. Charlotte Hornets (Pre-Season)
15Oct 13, 20237:30 PMWashington Capitals vs. Pittsburgh Penguins
16Oct 16, 20237 PMWashington Capitals vs. Calgary Flames
17Oct 24, 20236 PMWashington Capitals vs. Toronto Maple Leafs
18Oct 27, 20237 PMWashington Capitals vs. Minnesota Wild
19Oct 28, 20237 PMWashington Wizards vs. Memphis Grizzlies
20Oct 29, 20235 PMWashington Capitals vs. San Jose Sharks
21Oct 30, 20237 PMWashington Wizards vs. Boston Celtics
Upcoming Events at Capital One Arena


In conclusion, understanding and adhering to Capital One Arena’s purse policy and venue regulations are essential for a smooth and enjoyable experience at any event. Whether you’re attending a thrilling concert or cheering for your favorite sports team, knowing what to bring and what to leave behind ensures a hassle-free visit. Additionally, exploring the seating options and upcoming events can help you make the most of your time at this iconic Washington, D.C. venue.

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