How Many Stanley Cups did Gretzky Win?

How Many Stanley Cups did Gretzky Win

Being an ice hockey fan you will definitely know Wayne Gretzky known as “The Great One”. Wayne Gretzky is one of the most successful and greatest players the world of hockey has ever seen. A champion who is unafraid of failure and a unique symbol for hockey!

So, how many Stanley Cups did Wayne Gretzky win? – Wayne Gretzky has won 4 Stanley Cups to his name, and all of these cups he won with the Edmonton Oilers in the years 1983-84, 1985-85, 1986-87, and 1987-88. Along with four Stanley cups, he also won two Conn Smyth trophies being a most valuable player on two of these trips.

In order to better understand how he performed and how many points he scored, let’s look in depth at these Stanley Cups.

How Many Cups did Gretzky Win?

Possessing a natural skill and being a born hockey player, Wayne Gretzky started his formal professional career in 1978 and retired in 1999, having played for four teams. Indianapolis Racers, Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings, St. Louis Blues, New York Rangers, and a total of 20 seasons in the NHL.

Wayne Gretzky Stanley Cups

Gretzky is so aptly known as “The Great One” because of the various outstanding records throughout his career and the Stanley Cups he has won.

Wayne Gretzky has won a total of 4 Stanley Cups in four years, making himself a name. Here is the list below:

  • 1983 – 1984 (Won the first Stanley Cup)
  • 1984 – 1985 (Won the second Stanley Cup)
  • 1986 – 1987 (Won the third Stanley Cup)
  • 1987 – 1988 (Won the fourth Stanley Cup)

Each of these cups was won while playing with the Edmonton Oilers.

Not only was Gretzky successfully able to win these cups, but also twice he won the Conn Smythe trophy as The Most Valuable Player. The list of awards and trophies he has won is extensive, a reason why he has remained “The Great One.”

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Did Gretzky Win a Stanley Cup with the Kings?

Although mainly Gretzky has played with the Edmonton Oilers, and that is how he and his career are remembered, people usually forget to mention his time with the LA Kings. Gretzky has also played with the Kings and has had a very successful career with them, too, with remarkable personal achievements along with uplifting his team, the LA Kings.

Did Gretzky Win a Stanley Cup with the Kings

In 1988 – 89, which was his first season with the Kings, Gretzky scored a total of 168 points while being second in the league and winning Hart Memorial Trophy.

While 1992 – 93 was the Kings’ most successful season since the time Gretzky joined them. Gretzky scored 65 points in the 45 games that he played.

But despite the stellar performance that he showed with the LA Kings and the awards he was able to bag, Gretzky and his team could not win the Stanley Cup in all these years.

Stanley Cups Won by Wayne Gretzky

Stanley CupYearTeams
Stanley Cup 11983 – 1984Edmonton Oilers vs New York Islanders
Stanley Cup 21984 – 1985Edmonton Oilers vs Philadelphia Flyers
Stanley Cup 31986 – 1987Edmonton Oilers vs Philadelphia Flyers
Stanley Cup 41987 – 1988Edmonton Oilers vs Boston Bruins

Stanley Cup #1 – Edmonton Oilers vs New York Islanders – (1983 – 1984)

Gretzky won his first Stanley Cup with Edmonton Oilers in the year 1983 – 84, defeating the New York Islanders, which had already defeated the Edmonton Oilers the last year. Being one of the top teams, the Islanders were also winners of the Stanley Cup for four years in a row.

The Edmonton Oilers won this series by a distinguished 4 – 1. Gretzky significantly improved his performance throughout the series.

1W (1 – 0)000
2L (1 – 6)000
3W (7 – 2)022
4W (7 – 2)202
5W (5 – 2)213

Gretzky’s performance improved as the series moved on. He played his classic game in series match 5 with two goals and one assist and got 3 points. However, the Conn Smyth trophy for the best player was not awarded to him but to his close friend Mark Messier.

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Stanley Cup #2 – Edmonton Oilers vs Philadelphia Flyers – (1984 – 1985)  

Stanley Cup 2 was played in 1984 – 1985, the following year in a row when the Edmonton Oilers again managed to reach the Stanley Cup finals and secure the Cup. This time the game was played against the Philadelphia Flyers, who lost terribly. It was again a 4 – 1 win by the Oilers.

After losing the first game of the series, the Oilers won all the others fair and square. Gretzky played a significant role in these games and pulled his team to victory.

1L (1 – 4)000
2W (3 – 1)101
3W (4 – 3)314
4W (5 – 3)202
5W (8 – 3)134

He brought victory to his team, but he also won the Conn Smythe Trophy as playoff MVP due to the impressive game show he put in, and the effort displayed.

Stanley Cup #3 – Edmonton Oilers vs Philadelphia Flyers – (1986 – 1987)  

After winning two consecutive Stanley Cups from 1983 to 1985, the Edmonton Oilers lost the third Cup of the year 1985 – 86 to Calgary Flames. But then again made a major comeback in the next year 1986 – 1987 and again won the Cup.

The year 1986 – 1987 cup final was again played against the Philadelphia Flyers. Both the teams possessed the best records of that year. This was a difficult match played level to level, with each team giving the other tough competition.

The Edmonton Oilers finally won the series by 4 – 3. Gretzky played well in the series, but the high expectations from him were not really fulfilled, and the point totals seemed a little less than expected.

1W (4 – 2)112
2W (3 – 2)112
3L (3 – 5)011
4W (4 – 1)033
5L (3 – 4)011
6L (2 – 3)011
7W (3 – 1)011

Stanley Cup #4 – Edmonton Oilers vs Boston Bruins – (1987 – 1988)  

Stanley Cup 4 was played in 1987 – 88 against Boston Bruins. This was the fifth Cup that Gretzky and the Oilers played together in six years and the first time against Boston Bruins. This Cup turned out surprisingly well in favour of the Edmonton Oilers, who easily won by 4 – 0.

The notable historical event that happened during this series was the light blackout that occurred in the last game at Boston Gardens when the game was tied at 3 – 3. This game was then canceled out, and there was a replay later at Edmonton from the start.

Gretzky showed an impressively incredible performance this time again and was more than up to the mark. His superb performance won him the Conn Smythe winner as the Most Valuable Player again for the second time in the playoffs. So, these are the four Stanley Cups that Gretzky won with the Edmonton Oilers.

1W (2 – 1)101
2W (4 – 2)123
3W (6 – 3)044
4 (Suspended)(3 – 3)
5W (6 – 3)123

After this fourth Cup, Gretzky was traded off to the Los Angeles Kings, and this was the last Cup he won. Gretzky was not able to win the Cup again, sadly.

The Bottom Line on How Many Stanley Cups did Gretzky Win?

And that brings us to our conclusion; what did you learn after knowing about Wayne Gretzky? Gretzky has won many awards, championships, names, and fame, but that is all for him; what is it for others to know about and learn his story? His story is a message of hard work with a passion for us. He has taught us to go where our passion lies and work hard there. Passion and hard work win the battles that talent only may not.

What do you think?

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