What is the average salary for an NHL player

What is the Average Salary for an NHL Player?

Salary is something everyone strives for, and why wouldn’t they? To live, you need money. NHL players also do have families to support and living to make. We not only make efforts on our jobs but also like to know about their salaries. The same is the case for the NHL players. What do they get paid? Curious? Let us find out.

What is the Average Salary for an NHL Player?

The NHL has a cap-based system for player salaries. There is a minimum and maximum spending cap concerning each year’s league profits. The maximum wage is fixed to the upper cap limit, and wages cannot exceed 20%.

The average NHL salary is about $3 million currently. The range is from a minimum of $750,000 to a maximum of $12.5 million/year in the 2021 – 2022 season. So, the average NHL salary is $2,554,463 for the 2020-21 season, as mentioned, about 3 million dollars.

Who (or What Type of Player) is Making the Average Salary?

This salary is quite a lot. So, the question is which players are making this salary? These are the average ordinary players getting this massive salary for a season from the NHL. Some of the names are:

  • Antoine Roussel, Dallas
  • Leo Komarov, NYI
  • Jay Beagle, Vancouver
  • Patrik Nemeth, Det
  • Valeri Filppula, Det
  • Conor Sheary, Pit
  • Neal Pionk, Winnipeg
  • Kevin Fiala, Min

and many more.

What is the Highest Salary in the NHL?

The highest paid NHL players have even greater mind-blowing salaries. NHL currently has nineteen players earning at least $10 million. The following table shows the highest paid NHL players and their salaries.

Oilers C Connor McDavid$15,000,000
Sharks D Erik Karlsson$14,500,000
Stars C Tyler Seguin$13,000,000
Rangers LW Artemi Panarin$13,000,000
Canadiens G Carey Price$13,000,000
Golden Knights RW Mark Stone$12,000,000
Highest Salaries in the NHL

What is the Lowest Salary?

Are you wondering what could be the lowest salary for the NHL players? The lowest salary is still not lower. The players and the leagues sign an agreement to set the lowest salary, the least paid player. So, currently, the lowest salary is set at $750,000. This keeps on increasing with time. Out of the 700 players, 98 players are making the league minimum. The pandemic also had a significant effect on this.

What is the Median Salary?

As the name depicts, the median salary is the middle one, between the highest and the lowest. Currently, the player from Montreal Canadians, Dale Weise, is the middle player who is taking $2.35 million. This median salary is lower than the average salary, indicating that money is not being distributed proportionately.

What Does the Average Salary tell us when Compared to the Highest, Lowest, and Median? 

If we look at the statistics and make calculations, we find out that 80% of the total money the NHL makes is taken by the 20% of the top players. Only 20% goes to the others. Hence, there is a disproportion in the distribution of the money. This is proved that the lowest salary is $2.3 million lower than the average salary when the average salary is 9.5 million dollars, lesser than the highest one and 0.65 million higher than the median.

How Does the NHL Average Compare to Other Sport Leagues?

Even though these salaries may seem too much yet, the NHL offers the second-lowest average salary compared to the other four major Canadian leagues. The NFL offers the lowest average even though its earnings are the greatest. It is because NFL has more players, so the wages are divided among more people hence, lowest average. NBA has the most significant average because of its most undersized player roster.

How Does this Compare to Other Hockey Leagues?

In below table we compared the other hockey leagues salaries:

LeaguesAmount (Million American Dollars)
KHL125,000 – 300,000
SHL55,000 – 255,000
NLA80,000 – 450,000
Liiga44,000 -185,000
Czech44,000 – 185,000
DEL 150,000 – 175,000
Other Hockey Leagues Salary

So, this was a guide about the NHL salaries, which may seem much higher but still are a lot lower than many other leagues.

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