Sidney Crosby Firsts: Season, Game, Goal, Cup, Contract & More

Sidney Crosby Firsts

Every ice hockey fan knows that Sidney Crosby is a big name in NHL. He has gained fame in just a short period, with three Stanley Cups to his name. He is a mighty name to his opponents and a solid strength to his team. His name has always been among the greatest players in NHL.

Sidney Crosby’s remarkable career road to the 1000th and more NHL games has been an incredible journey that started with his NHL debut on Oct 5th, 2005, against the New Jersey Devils. He registered with the name ‘Sid the Kid’ in the Pittsburgh Penguins in season 2005-06. The kid has grown up too fast and made achievements that every player wants.

Soon after his debut and outstanding achievements, he marked his name in the NHL’s Hall of Fame players. When discussing ice hockey top players, there is always a Sidney Crosby name not only in the current superstars but also in the list of NHL legends.

As every journey starts somewhere, let’s look back at Sidney Crosby’s career and see how incredible and exciting the journey was. I am sure reading the stories of Sidney Crosby’s first game, season, goal, and cup will be fun.

Sidney Crosby – 1st Season

When Sidney Crosby joined Pittsburgh Penguins at first overall in the 2005 NHL entry draft, he immediately made his way to the league in the season 2005-06.

But it was the worst phase the franchise was going through after the retirement of the great Mario Lemieux. And now the team was just made up of a bunch of young boys who didn’t have good experience and classy skills.

However, regardless of the team’s less competence, Crosby still managed to get 102 points by the end of the season. Although he lost the Calder Trophy award, he was still well enough to finish second.

Sidney Crosby – 1st Game

Sidney Crosby played his NHL debut game on Oct 5th, 2005, when Pittsburgh Penguins headed against New Jersey Devils. The match did not favor Pittsburgh as their graph fell to one goal; at 5-1, the game dropped. But it was not too bad for Sidney’s stats, as he became their only goal during a power play. Sidney and LeClair assisted that goal, and Mark Recchi scored it.

  • Sidney Crosby 1st game stat line was:

Sidney Crosby – 1st Goal

For the first goal of his career, Sidney Crosby did not have to wait too long. In the third game of the season on Oct 8th, 2005, Pittsburgh vs. Boston Bruins, he found the chance at the back of the net against the BB.

He caught the opportunity and made a quick goal at the end of the second period during the power play giving Pittsburgh a 6-4 lead. Ziggy and Recchi assisted Crosby’s first goal.

He scored a goal and added two assists to his points list, totaling 3. But this happiness of Pittsburgh was not too long as they lost the game in overtime to Boston Bruins (BB) by 6-7.

  • Sidney Crosby 1st goal stat line was:

Sidney Crosby – 1st Contract

After months of being drafted into the NHL in 2005, Sidney Crosby made his first contract with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

There is nothing much to negotiate between the newly drafted players and the NHL. Because the only collective bargaining deal is the maximum pay a new player wants to make. So being an overall first picked, Sidney made a big rookie contract of three years with $850,000.

Sidney Crosby – 1st Fight

Sidney Crosby is not somewhat of soft and well-obliged rules player. Instead, he shows aggression on the field if someone wants to be strict with him. He will hit back whenever someone tries to hit him.

His first fight was with Andrew Ference of the Boston Bruins on Dec 20th, 2007.

Sidney Crosby – 1st Shootout Goal

Sidney made his first shootout goal against his ideal team – Montreal Canadians. It was the first season of Crosby’s career, and the same year the NHL introduced new shootout rules.

This shootout goal of him is strategically quite impressive. As he faced goaltender Jose Theodore, he showed a forehand fake to pull the puck to his backhand and directed the puck straight to the net. This goal became the overtime win of the Penguins by a 3-2 lead against Crosby’s most cherished team.

Sidney Crosby – 1st Playoffs

Sidney Crosby has tasted the playoffs auction in his second season of NHL, 2006-07 season. With Crosby and Malkin’s incredible performance, the Penguins improved their stats by skyrocketing their standings to 105 points. They ended up with just two points behind the Atlantic Division Devils.

However, luck was not too in the side Sidney’s first playoffs since, as Penguins, they got defeated with points of 4-1 by the Ottawa Senators, who later jumped onto the Stanley Cup finals.

Yet, with the contribution of a total of three goals and two assists, it turned out to be quite a sufficient playoff series for Sidney Crosby. However, his second playoffs series became much better as Pittsburgh made its way to the Stanley Cup finals but lost to Detroit.

Sidney Crosby – 1st Stanley Cup

Sidney Crosby did not wait for an extended period to win the Stanley cup in the NHL. A year after, when the Penguins lost to Detroit, they again came across the Detroit Red Wings in the Stanley cup final of 2009 for the second time in a row.

It was the 4th season of Sidney Crosby’s career, and the Penguins gained victories in seven games and rose the cup up high to their head.

But in the final match, Sidney Crosby got injured in the second period and had to back off from the game after playing only 32 seconds of the third period. And, he could not lay his hands on Conn Smyth’s trophy, which another superstar of Penguins, Evgeni Malkin, won as the game star.

But not to worry for him, as many more trophies were coming his way. Because later, in 2016-17, he became the MVP for his second and third Stanley cup back-to-back win.

  • The Sidney Crosby, 2009 stats line, was pretty outstanding:

The Bottom Line on Sidney Crosby Firsts

Sidney Crosby, with 1276 points and three Stanley cup victories on his resume, paved his way to becoming a superstar or a legendary player.

Sidney has many feathers in his victory cap. Three Stanley Cups, two Conn Smyth trophies, two Rocket Richard trophies, two Hart Memorial trophies, and two Art Ross trophies are all marked to his name. A career that others dream of! Sidney has every award in his bucket, you name it, and he had it. That’s why he is among the NHL’s top 5 great players. His great techniques, willpower, discipline, passion, and a fantastic game he shows while he plays all already made a substantial impact on his opponents. On his road of victories, he also won two Olympic gold medals besides his other achievements. It is good to call Sidney Crosby – the GOAT of this time.

He is standing in a Hall Of Fame!

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