Hockey Leaving the Bench Penalty

In ice hockey, the game can be intense and fast-paced, requiring players to make quick decisions on the ice. One crucial aspect of the sport is understanding and adhering to the rules, especially when it comes to penalties.

In this article, we will delve into the topic of the leaving the bench penalty, its implications, and why it is essential for players to avoid this infraction during a game. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of this penalty, players can ensure their team’s success while staying within the boundaries of the game.

What is Leaving the Bench Penalty in Hockey?

The leaving the bench penalty in ice hockey occurs when a player or players on the bench exit the designated area and become involved in an altercation or engage in any other on-ice activity. This infraction is enforced by the officials and is considered a serious violation of the game’s rules. When the penalty is called, the player(s) involved must face the consequences, and their team must play shorthanded.

Impact on the Game

The leaving the bench penalty has significant implications for both the penalized player(s) and their team. When a player leaves the bench, it disrupts the balance and fairness of the game, as they are entering the ice from a position of advantage. This act can lead to altercations, increased risk of injuries, and a loss of control on the ice.

Furthermore, the penalized team must play with a reduced number of players, resulting in a disadvantage that can affect their ability to score goals or defend against the opposing team.

Avoiding the Leaving the Bench Penalty

Clear Communication

To prevent the leaving the bench penalty, clear communication among players, coaches, and team staff is paramount. Players must understand the rules and the potential consequences of their actions. Coaches should emphasize the importance of discipline and maintaining composure during the game. By fostering effective communication, teams can minimize the risk of players leaving the bench and ensure a unified approach to the game.

Proper Bench Management

Teams should also focus on proper bench management to avoid any inadvertent infractions. Coaches and team staff must monitor player behavior on the bench and ensure that everyone remains within the designated area. This includes players refraining from leaning over the boards or reaching out onto the ice during an ongoing play. By maintaining discipline and organization on the bench, teams can prevent unnecessary penalties and stay in control of the game.

Player Accountability

Individual players must take responsibility for their actions and exercise self-discipline. Understanding the potential consequences of leaving the bench and engaging in on-ice altercations should deter players from violating the rules. By emphasizing personal accountability and the importance of teamwork, players can contribute to a positive and fair game environment.

The Role of Officials in Enforcing Penalties

In ice hockey, officials play a vital role in enforcing the rules and penalizing infractions. When it comes to the leaving the bench penalty, officials must remain vigilant and attentive throughout the game. They are responsible for identifying any violations and assessing the appropriate penalties. By consistently enforcing the rules, officials contribute to a fair and safe playing environment for all participants.


In conclusion, avoiding the leaving the bench penalty is crucial for the success of a team in ice hockey. By understanding the rules, communicating effectively, practicing proper bench management, and emphasizing player accountability, teams can minimize the risk of incurring this penalty. Additionally, the role of officials in enforcing penalties is paramount to maintaining fairness and integrity in the game. With a strong commitment to discipline and adherence to the rules, teams can ensure a competitive and enjoyable experience for all involved in ice hockey.

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