Can you Hit the Goalie in Hockey?

We discussed in our previous article that the goalie could play the puck outside his crease. He can skate out the net and play the puck to avoid the opposing team’s goals. But he still holds his superior status outside the crease also. Whether he is out skating, he cannot be considered a regular team member. Many limited actions can are allowed between the goalies and regular players. For instance, the players cannot check the goalie. They cannot hit him; they cannot consider the goalie as ‘fair game. Thus, hitting and checking the goalie on the ice is prohibited.

This blog will focus on those situations when the players contact their goalie inside and outside the crease and the reason for the urge to hit the goalie. So, read till the end to clear all your misunderstandings. We have another blog on the topic of penalties where we addressed the Match penalty, which is given to every player who intentionally hits another player, do check it out!

Contacting the Goalie! Let’s talk about different situations when contact with the goalie is possible and what happens next to the touch.

Contact With a Goalie Outside of the Crease

We know that the goalie is allowed to play the puck outside his crease, but he will not be considered a regular player. And have the privilege to exempt the rules made for another team member of body checking. Players who try to check the goalie outside the crease will be penalized. The players in the rink can take control of the hockey from the goalie when he has it. This is possible that the players will use their sticks to snatch the puck from the goalie without touching the goalie.

Contact With a Goalie Inside the Crease

The goalie can get hit inside his crease both intentionally and accidentally. If the couch is recognized as intentional, the referee will give the player the penalty of goalie interference. The referee will allow the game to continue as expected if the verdict is as if the incidentally touched the goalie.

Usually, the players station themselves close to the crease, and when the goalie tries to reach out of the crease, there are chances of contact between them. Also, the players remain very cautious about the slight touch as it may cause a penalty. However, if the subtle touch results in the goal by revoking the goalie’s action of stopping the goal, then the goal will be dismissed.

Moreover, players can touch the goalie when they try to skate into the crease while chasing the puck. If the player is after the puck and not the goalie, then the penalty will not apply. Finally, it also happens when two players try to push one another, and accidentally the goalie gets hit. In this case, the penalty is not called. But some players play tricks and manipulate the referee with accidental pushes and try to reach a goal while getting pushed.

Players Wants to Hitting the Goalie, but Why?

The goalie is the most valued position in the National Hockey League. It would not be wrong to say that the NHL might change the league’s name to goalie’s league! While the players are in a rush to score more goals for their team, they try all kinds of tactics.

Firstly, the players cut off the goalie’s front view so their team members could score the goal. When blocking the view, they may bump into the goalie. They have the risk of getting a penalty, but sometimes the way they referee, nothing happens. Secondly, the goalies get stuck into any player by themselves as he has the tough job of handling the puck while skating in and out of the crease with breakneck speed. So the unintentional touch lies in the category. Lastly, the rule favors the goalie when he is outside the crease. He is with much heavy gear that hinders his actions, so the body checking of the goalie is not allowed.

The Bottom Line on Can you Hit the Goalie in Hockey?

This blog declares that the goalies are not fair plays and can never be body checked. So, if you misunderstood that players can hit the goalie, you were wrong. The goalies have the level of privilege that the NHL can be renamed ‘Goalies’ league,’ and you think of hitting the goalie. The goalie maintains his royal status inside and outside his net. Thus, the players in the rink should not challenge the royal highness of ice hockey.

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