How Many Games in the Stanley Cup Finals?

The Stanley Cup, a prestigious ice hockey trophy, holds a rich history dating back to its donation by Sir Frederick Arthur Stanley, Lord Stanley of Preston, in 1892. This iconic competition, known for its thrilling encounters and nail-biting moments, raises an important question: How many games are there in the Stanley Cup Finals?

The Stanley Cup Finals Structure

In the Stanley Cup Finals, there are a total of 7 games, and these games follow a best of seven series format. To emerge victorious and claim this illustrious trophy, a team must win 4 out of these 7 games.

The Road to Victory: 16 Playoff Games

The journey to Stanley Cup glory begins with 16 playoff games. Each playoff game is a best of seven series, where a team must secure 4 wins to advance to the next stage. With 16 teams vying for the coveted cup, the path to success demands consistency and excellence.

Player Endurance: A Grueling 28 Games

For a player, the Stanley Cup playoffs present a grueling challenge. A player can potentially participate in at least 28 games during the playoffs. This physical and mental test underscores the incredible stamina and skill required to thrive in this intense competition.

How Many Games in a Regular NHL Season?

While the Stanley Cup Finals are the pinnacle of NHL competition, the regular NHL season is a comprehensive affair, consisting of 1,312 games. These games are divided into 26 divisional matchups, 24 conference clashes, and 32 inter-conference contests involving the 32 NHL teams.

The NHL is divided into four divisions: Atlantic and Metropolitan divisions in the Eastern Conference and Central and Pacific divisions in the Western Conference. These divisions structure the season, culminating in the determination of which teams are worthy of competing for the Stanley Cup.

Preparing for the Season: The Pre-Season

Before the regular season commences, there is a pre-season period in September. During this time, coaches evaluate new talent, fine-tune the skills of existing players, and prepare their teams for the rigorous challenges ahead.

How Many Games in the NHL Season Per Team?

In a regular NHL season, each team plays a total of 82 games. This schedule includes 41 home games and 41 away games. The NHL meticulously plans and schedules these games, specifying dates, times, and opponents for each team.

The scheduling ensures that each team experiences a balanced mix of home and away games, playing an average of 7 to 8 games each month throughout the season. Points are awarded as follows: two for a win, one for a loss in overtime or a shootout, and none for a regulation-time loss.

Here’s a breakdown of the games played by each team:

  • 26 games: 3-4 games against teams within their division.
  • 24 games: 3 games against divisional rivals within their conference.
  • 32 games: 2 games against teams from the opposing conference.

The Future Awaits: 2023-24 NHL Season

The 2022-23 NHL regular season schedule was released in July 2022. Looking ahead, the new 2023-24 NHL season is set to commence in October 2023, concluding in June 2024. Pre-season games will be hosted in Australia, adding a unique twist to the NHL calendar.

To kickstart the season, the Arizona Coyotes and the Los Angeles Kings are scheduled to play their first preseason game on September 23 and 24 at the iconic Rod Laver Arena.

Deciphering the NHL Playoffs in 2023

The NHL playoffs in 2023 are a captivating affair, featuring 4 rounds of games played in a best-of-seven series format. Each game consists of three periods, each lasting 20 minutes. The top 3 teams from each division, along with 2 wild cards from each conference, earn the opportunity to battle for the Stanley Cup.

In these playoffs, home-ice advantage plays a crucial role. The top-seeded team in the regular season enjoys this advantage in the first two rounds, irrespective of their regular-season point total. Subsequent rounds see the advantage shift based on total points, with tiebreakers determined by regulation and overtime wins and goal differentials.

In the conference and Stanley finals, the team with the most regular-season points secures home-ice advantage. The format for these finals involves the home club hosting games 1, 2, 5, and 7, while the opposing club hosts games 3, 4, and 6. Overtime periods continue until a victor emerges.

Matchups and Progression

The NHL playoffs follow a structured progression:

First Round

In the first round, 16 teams from each conference face off against their conference rivals. The top-seeded division winner competes against a wild card team, setting the stage for intense battles.

Second Round

Following the first round, winners are re-seeded based on their points. The top seed faces the lowest seed, leading to thrilling matchups. Only four teams from each conference advance to the next round, adding to the playoff intensity.

Conference Finals

The conference finals, the third round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, feature teams from each conference vying for the Prince of Wales Trophy and Clarence S. Campbell Bowl. These victories bring them one step closer to the ultimate prize.

Stanley Cup Finals

The grand finale, the Stanley Cup Finals, sees the Eastern and Western Conference champions clash in a battle for supremacy. Unlike previous rounds, there is no re-seeding in the finals. The winning team earns the honor of hoisting the Lord Stanley Cup, a momentous achievement in NHL history.

NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Bracket 2023

The NHL Stanley Cup playoffs bracket for 2023 adopts a best-of-seven series format following a 2-2-1-1-1 pattern. As of now, the Florida Panthers and the Vegas Golden Knights have emerged as the finalists.

The Florida Panthers achieved their finals berth by defeating the Boston Bruins in the first round, the Toronto Maple Leafs in the second round, and the Carolina Avalanche in the conference finals. On the other hand, the Knights secured their spot by triumphing over the Winnipeg Jets, Edmonton Oilers, and Dallas Stars in their respective playoff rounds.

Eastern Conference and Western Conference

The journey to the finals includes multiple intriguing matchups:

Eastern Conference First Round

  • Boston vs. Florida (3-4)
  • Toronto vs. Tampa Bay (4-2)
  • Carolina vs. NY Islanders (4-2)
  • New Jersey vs. NY Rangers (4-3)

Eastern Conference Second Round

  • Toronto vs. Florida (4-1)
  • Carolina vs. New Jersey (4-1)

Western Conference First Round

  • Colorado vs. Seattle (3-4)
  • Dallas vs. Minnesota (4-2)
  • Vegas vs. Winnipeg (4-1)
  • Edmonton vs. Los Angeles (4-2)

Western Conference Second Round

  • Seattle vs. Dallas (4-2)
  • Vegas vs. Edmonton (4-2)

Conference Finals

  • Florida vs. Carolina (4-0)
  • Dallas vs. Vegas (2-4)

Stanley Cup Finals

  • Florida vs. Vegas (1-4)

The Pursuit of Glory

As the Stanley Cup Finals approach, the Florida Panthers and the Vegas Golden Knights stand on the brink of hockey immortality. The Florida Panthers, with no Stanley Cups to their name to date, last appeared in the finals in 1996. Their opponent, the Knights, represents one of the NHL’s newer franchises, having reached the finals in 2018 but falling short against the Washington Capitals.

Both teams are determined to etch their names in history by claiming their first Stanley Cup, promising fans and enthusiasts an exhilarating display of hockey prowess.

Spotlight on Top Players

The 2023 NHL season has showcased exceptional talent, with players like Matthew Tkachuk and Carter Verhaeghe earning recognition as top ten players based on points. Notably, the list features four Knights players: Jack Eichel, Jonathan Marchessault, Ivan Barbashev, and Mark Stone. These athletes’ contributions have been instrumental in their teams’ success throughout the season.

Mark Your Calendar: NHL Stanley Cup Finals 2023 Dates

The highly anticipated NHL Stanley Cup Finals 2023 dates are as follows:

GameDateHome TeamAway TeamVenue
Game 1June 3Golden KnightsPanthersT-Mobile Arena
Game 2June 5Golden KnightsPanthersT-Mobile Arena
Game 3June 8PanthersGolden KnightsFLA Live Arena
Game 4June 10PanthersGolden KnightsFLA Live Arena
Game 5June 13Golden KnightsPanthersT-Mobile Arena
Game 6June 16PanthersGolden KnightsFLA Live Arena
Game 7June 29Golden KnightsPanthersT-Mobile Arena

The final three games will be held at FLA Live Arena, situated in Sunrise, Florida, adding an electrifying atmosphere to the concluding moments of the series.

Game Time: Stanley Cup Playoffs Start

For fans eagerly awaiting the start of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, mark your calendars for a thrilling kickoff. The Stanley Cup Playoffs commence at 7:00 p.m. ET on Monday, April 17, 2023. Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals is scheduled for Sunday, June 3, at 08:00 pm ET at the iconic T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

The broadcast coverage spans several networks, including CBC, WBD sister networks (TruTV, TBS), TNT, ESPN, Warner Bros, Discovery Sports, Sportnets networks, FX, CBC, Citytv, and NHL Radio via the Sports USA Radio Network.

The Voice of the Finals

The Stanley Cup Finals 2023 feature a distinguished lineup of announcers and broadcasters who bring the games to life:

Vegas Golden Knights Announcers:

Play-by-PlayKenny Albert, Chris Cuthbert, John Ahlers
Color CommentatorDarren Pang
Ice level AnalystJackie Redmond, Kyle Bukaukas

The dynamic team of announcers ensures that every moment of the finals is captured and conveyed to fans worldwide.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the highest scoring game in Stanley Cup Final history?

The highest scoring Stanley Cup Final game took place on May 8, 1973, between the Blackhawks and the Canadiens.

How many goals were scored in this historic Stanley Cup Final game?

In this remarkable contest, a total of 15 goals were scored, resulting in a final score of 8-7.


The Stanley Cup, with its rich history and enduring legacy, continues to captivate the hearts of hockey enthusiasts around the world. As the 2023 NHL season reaches its climax, the Stanley Cup Finals promise to be a spectacle of skill, passion, and glory, where legends are born and history is made.

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