NHL PTO Signings 2023: Contract and Trade Tracker

The NHL PTO Signings 2023 are making waves in the hockey world. As the 2023-24 NHL season looms just a couple of months away, teams are gearing up with some intriguing PTO contract call-ups. In this article, we’ll delve into the latest signings and what PTO contracts mean for both players and teams.

Notable NHL PTO Signings 2023

Player NamePosition
Alex ChiassonRight Winger
Aaron DellGoaltender
Sam GagnerCenter
Peter HollandCenter
Brandon SutterCenter
Sam GagnerRight Winger

The Significance of PTO in the NHL

PTO, or professional tryout contracts, are a unique and effective way for veteran players to find new teams before the regular season commences. It’s a platform for unrestricted free agents to showcase their skills and vie for a coveted one-year contract.

This contractual arrangement has a track record of success, with many players making their way from a PTO contract to a permanent spot on the NHL roster. Not only does it raise the intensity of training camp, but it also opens doors to NHL careers.

PTO contracts aren’t exclusive to the NHL; they extend to the American Hockey League (AHL) as well. While limited to 25 games in the AHL, they offer players a chance to leave a lasting impression and earn a call-up to both AHL and NHL teams.

Players to Keep an Eye on in 2023

Several promising players have secured PTO contracts for the 2023-24 season:

Player NamePosition
Aaron DellGoaltender
Nathan BeaulieuDefenceman
Alex ChiassonRight Winger
Jordie BennDefenceman
Sam GagnerCenter
Libor HájekLeft Defenceman
Cameron HillisCenter
Scott HarringtonLeft Defenceman
Peter HollandCenter
Joel KivirantaWinger
Nicolas MelocheRight Defenceman
Nathan SchnarrCenter
Brendan PerliniLeft Winger
Cory ConacherCenter
Mark PysykRight Defenceman
Nick ShoreCenter
Brandon SutterCenter
Austin WatsonWinger

NHL PTO Tracker

Here’s a list of players who have already signed professional tryout contracts for the 2023-24 NHL season:

  • Aaron Dell: Signed with Columbus Blue Jackets in August 2023.
  • Alex Chiasson: Inked a deal with the Boston Bruins on August 21, 2023.
  • Sam Gagner: Currently on a professional tryout with the Edmonton Oilers.
  • Peter Holland: Locked in with the Colorado Avalanche in August 2023.
  • Brandon Sutter: Sealed the deal with the Edmonton Oilers on August 8, 2023.
  • Brendan Perlini: Signed with the Colorado Avalanche on August 29, 2023.
  • Cory Conacher: Also signed with the Colorado Avalanche on August 29, 2023.

Understanding PTO Contracts

PTO contracts serve as a valuable tool for teams to evaluate players during training, analyze their skills, and assess their fit within the team’s system. These short-term commitments are low-risk for teams, allowing them to release players after the tryout period if necessary.

Teams also have the option to offer regular contracts based on a player’s performance during the tryout period. This flexibility is particularly useful for teams nearing the salary cap limit, as they can structure contracts to fit within their financial constraints.

However, it’s important to note that not all professional tryouts lead to signed contracts. Some players may only be suitable for training camp and preseason.


In summary, the NHL PTO Signings 2023 is an exciting development as the new season approaches. Keep an eye on these players as they strive to make their mark and secure a place on the regular season roster.

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