The Ultimate Guide to What is FOW in Hockey Stats?

What is FOW in Hockey Stats

As fans, we like to know and stay updated about everything related to what we admire, be it sports, celebrities or any other thing. Being a hockey fan, you want to learn about the scores and the positions of teams and players. But for that, you need to learn how to read hockey stats. The hockey stats contain symbols and abbreviations that you need to know initially.

So, what is FOW in hockey? FOW stands for the number of Faceoffs Won by a player. It is one of the essential determining hockey statistics which defines players’ capability at taking faceoffs. Usually, we consider FOL (number of Faceoffs Lost) and the Faceoff Win Percentage along with the FOW to have an accurate picture of performance.

Let’s break down FOW hockey and determine the importance of FOW in hockey.

Why are faceoffs important in the NHL?

The teams and the players need to get faceoff wins. This is because it is related to possession. Possession in the NHL means how much of the total time a team has the puck during a single game.

importance of faceoffs in the nhl

The teams understand that the more time your team has the puck, the more chances you win. So, all teams strive to have better possession stats. Teams can have good possession stats if they have more faceoff wins because if you win the faceoff, you get the puck.

How is a faceoff win determined?

When a team gains possession of the puck, that is the moment when they win the faceoff. Merely touching the puck does not account for winning the faceoff.

How is a faceoff win determined

Any player on the team can gain possession of the puck and help his team to win. Some players are more capable of taking faceoffs, while others may not be that able. The faceoff, wins or loses, affects the whole team collectively, even if only one player takes it at a time.  

What are good numbers for someone who is taking faceoffs?

The analysis of faceoff wins is done with the percentage of faceoff wins. Knowing only the total number of faceoff wins is not exactly helpful. So, it is essential to know the percentage, which is beneficial in determining where a player stands and if he is winning more or losing more.

Therefore, to understand a player’s position, look for the FOW% or the Faceoff Win Percentage. The players generally keep a target of winning 50% or more faceoffs. The best players may exceed 60%.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do FL and FW stand for in ice hockey?

In ice hockey, abbreviations FL and FW indicate Faceoff Loss and Faceoff Wins, respectively.


To conclude, FOW represents the percentage of Faceoff Wins. All the teams and players put their best to win a faceoff. Because a faceoff win gives puck possession and the team with puck control for most of the team has more chances to score goals and win the match. Hence, gaining puck possession is a primary goal that all the groups share.

And this is all about the faceoff statistic in hockey, which is analyzed with the FOW% and the  FOL.

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