What Does SOG Mean in Hockey

What Does SOG Mean in Hockey? Explained with Stats!

If you look at the hockey statistics, you will find a lot of abbreviations. It is essential to know  what an abbreviation means to understand these stats. One of the ice hockey abbreviations you frequently see is SOG or S. This abbreviation is there not only on the scoreboard but also in the statistics of the individual players. 

So, what is SOG in hockey? Why is it important? 

SOG stands for the shots on goal. The SOG statistic is used in tracking how many shots a player  or a team has taken or a goalie has faced. If a goalie stops such a puck which would have been a  goal, the shot on the puck is counted. 

There will be no shot on goal if the puck has missed the net or hit the post only. 

A shot on goal is registered only when a shot would have been scored into a goal had it not been stopped by the goalie. If the player succeeds in scoring, a shot on goal is considered. 

Is a Certain Type of Shot Required to Count?

The only determining factor for this stat to be counted is that either the goalie has saved a goal or the player has scored the goal. 

SOG does not consider the position of the shot or the level of difficulty with which a player has  shot it. So, it does not matter if the shot came slowly to the goal or came with lightning speed. If  it was a goal, it adds to the shot-on-goal statistic.

Similarly, it is difficult for the goalie to save some shots, but he succeeds in his job. In that case,  there might be some difficulty in judging those shots.

How Many Shots on Goal are Taken by Players or Teams?

In a usual game, players may take 0-8 shots. Players like the defensemen or those playing on the fourth lines may have zero shots in a game, while the top category players can have 5-8 shots in  a single game, which is a maximum. Players do not have more than eight shots usually in a  game. 

The following table shows the top ten players and their shots in the 2018-19 NHL season:

Nathan Mackinnon3654.45
Patrick Kane3414.2
Alex Ovechkin3384.2
Tyler Seguin3344.1
Jack Eichel3033.9
Brendan Gallagher3023.7
Brent Burns3003.6
Cam Atkinson2953.6
Dylan Larkin2873.6
John Tavares2863.5

How Many Shots on Goal does a Goalie Usually Face in a Game or Year? 

The goalies have one of the critical positions in the ice hockey games, and they have to face a lot  of shots. 

Usually, in any ordinary game, the goalies face up to 30 shots in the game. Forty shots are a  maximum, while twenty are considered too low. 

And this information is all about the shots on goal or the SOG. It is the SOG that makes an ice  hockey game interesting. You either save a goal, or you miss it. That is the simple definition of the SOG.

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