Top 10 Swedish Players in the NHL – 2022

Top 10 Swedish Players in the NHL

When it comes to ice hockey, Sweden is one of the best producing NHLers countries in the world. Sweden has a rich and dignified history of great hockey players. Some past honorable Swedish legends are Peter Forsberg, Daniel Sedin, Nicklas Lidstrom, and Henrik. Even now, Sweden’s flair for producing some of the top-notch talents has not down a little bit. Sweden is no less in presenting great players than Canada and USA. Swedish nation’s ‘Tre Kroner’ team is an elite-ranked status team. The elite Triple Gold Club (Stanley Cup, Olympic Gold medal, and World Championship Gold Medalfirst three members were also Swedish players.

So, here I made some effort to draw the list of the best Swedish players who graced the Ice arenas of the NHL and amazed the world with their unbelievable talent. Let’s look into these players.

The Honorable Mentions are the Oliver Ekman Larsson, Mattias Ekholm, Gustav Nyquist, Robin Lehner, John Klingberg, Jacob Markstrom, Mikael Backlund, Adrian Kempe, Viktor Arvidsson, and Jesper Bratt. These honorable mentions are also remarkable players of the current time, but somehow they are short of this list.

1. Victor Hedman, D, Tampa Bay Lightning

Victor Hedman, the top spot Swedish player, is the best defenseman currently playing in the Tampa Bay Lightning, drafted second in 2009. The 6-foot-6 weighing 241 pounds is a top-notch player that every team covets and Tampa Bay Lightning could ever ask for. He together used his high-standing size with his excellent defensive skills, which is rare to see in the recent decade.

Victor Hedman

At the age of 31, being an NHL defenseman, Victor has achieved everything that others defensemen struggle to reach. He won Norris Trophy in 2018 for the best defenseman, Conn Smyth trophy in 2020, and two times consecutive Stanley cups in 2019 and 2020.

Till the end of his career, he has many years to cement his legacy to name more awards to his name and prove himself as the best defenseman of this era.

2. Nicklas Backstrom, C, Washington Capitals

Nicklas Backstrom is the most underrated player in the NHL. I put him in the second spot. In fact, he should be at the NO. 1 spot on this list. The 34 years old most of the time, loses the spotlight to the Ovechkin. Ovechkin is the one who scored the most goals, but not to forget that it is Backstrom who passes the puck and gives a shoulder to him to score a goal.

Nicklas Backstrom

Nicklas ended up second after the Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane to become the best NHL rookie in the race for the Calder trophy. After that, he stood his career high and had 68 assists, 33 goals, and 101 points just two years after his rookie season. He has been the steadiest center since his starting career.

In 2015, Backstrom finished having the most assists – 60, scored his 200th goal in 2018, and in 2019, completed his 900th point by showing a fantastic three points performance. He sits at the peak of his career after winning the 2018 Stanley cup. Currently, he reached the climax by completing the 1000h points and many more to come. CLAPS!!!

For the keen observers and admirers of the ice hockey talents, he is the future NHL Hall of Famer.

3. Filip Forsberg, LW, Nashville Predators

Filip Forsberg was drafted in the first round as the 11th overall by the Washington Capitals in 2012. He then traded to the Nashville Predators and is the alternate captain of the Predators. Forsberg has superb shots shills. His most unique ability is shooting the puck by picking the stick at the top end with both hands and watching how quickly and accurately he shoots the puck off – Amazing!

Filip Forsberg

A great ability to trick the goalie! Filip used his invented skill with his other talents to score the most goals in the NHL. He has 220 goals, 249 assists, and 469 points over 566 games.

4. Elias Lindholm, C, Calgary Flames

Elias Lindholm came to the notice of everyone when he showed his high-end game by having 27 goals and 51 assists back in the 2018-19 season. His offensive style is not the only best thing about him, but his 200-foot game is the real thing he deploys during the play. Many votes for him as the Selke, and most probably in the coming years, he would win it.

Elias Lindholm

He is known as the fixer of the game, and the Calgary team puts him in any line where there is a problem; he fixes it like a pro and sets the line as it should be.

Elias Lindholm has played 63 games till now. He scored 181 goals, 268 assists, and 449 points on his scorecard.

5. Mika Zibanejad, C, New York Rangers

Mika Zibanejad brought his game to the highest peaks becoming the best center since he joined the New York Rangers. Mika started his career with the Ottawa Senators. He also showed his high potential there but did not reach the high standards until he was traded to the Rangers.

Mika Zibanejad

Zibanejad comes out of his shell in the 2018-19 season, scoring 44 assists, 30 goals, and 74 points over 82 games, making his Rangers proud. He then cascaded his pace, and now, at 28, he scored 229 goals, 286 assists, and 515 points in the 685 games.

He is now at the prime of his career and an integral part of the young league. Being a dynamic force in the Rangers, he can further polish his career by winning the Stanley cup.

6. William Nylander, LW, Toronto Maple Leafs

William Nylander, a player, I think, is not getting respected as he deserves. He was drafted in 2014 by the Toronto Maple Leafs, and in 2016-17 his first complete played season. He scored 61 points and brought the Leafs to the playoffs as they were far behind the main NHL events since 2013.

William Nylander

Before the 2018-19 season, he became a restricted free agent (RFA) and was trapped in a contract dispute that he held out as he deserved more and ended up missing the first few months of the season. Eventually, William came to terms with the General Manager Kyle Dubas of the Leafs and signed a contract of $41.77 million for six years. As out of luck, he played his most down season in terms of points. But he bounced back in the coming season like a master finishing the season with 31 goals and 58 points over 68 games.

Now, he is polishing himself better and crossing top players’ steps. At the age of 25, he scored 135 goals, 206 assists, and 343 points in his 439 games.

7. Elias Petterson, C, Vancouver Canucks

Elias Petterson is the hope of the Vancouver Canucks new era. Since Canucks never won a Stanley cup, the arrival of Petterson and his flaring-up performance in his rookie season gave the Canucks a solid ambition to fulfill their Stanley cup dream.

Elias Petterson

He was drafted 5th overall in 2017 by the Vancouver Canucks. From his first junior season, he made the fans vowed with his speed and unbelievable skills. And he did not disappoint them as he won the 2018-19 season Calder trophy for the year’s top rookie.

Petterson was swiftly going on his career-best season, but there came the Covid-19 pandemic, and his speed little gets slowed the way he takes a slow start to the 2021-22 season. However, at 23, he is still showing good performance but is not close to breaking and making new records as it seemed when he was a rookie.

But he has crossed many miles and gone high in his career. In his 40 games this season, he scored nine goals, 11 assists, and 20 points.

8. Gabriel Landeskog, LW, Colorado Avalanche

Gabriel Landeskog has been the personification of a good leader since he joined the NHL. The Colorado Avalanche drafted him the 2nd overall in 2011. After his second year of the franchise, he becomes the captain of the team, the fourth captain of the team, and the youngest captain in the NHL after Connor McDavid.

Gabriel Landeskog

He proves himself by winning the Calder trophy for the 2012 NHL best rookie and getting many awards after this. He parted in the NHL 2019 All-Star game and scored 30 goals in that season, and finished the season with 34 total goals.

Gabriel Landeskog, at the age of 29, scored 248 goals, 323 assists, and 571 points total. He is crossing thousands of miles to make his dreams come true.

9. Erik Karlsson, D, San Jose Sharks

Erik Karlsson, the best offensive defenseman in the NHL decades drafted 15th overall in the 2008 NHL entry draft by the Ottawa Senators. He is now playing in the San Jose Sharks. The best thing about Karlsson is that he can control the whole game when he is on the ice performing as the team’s quarterback. He astonishes the audience with his superb ability to get the puck, skate it up on the ice, or make a stormy pace for the team to break out in synchronization.

Erik Karlsson

Karlsson has won the Norris Trophy twice as the league’s best offensive defenseman and scored over 70 points 4 times in a season.

Erik Karlsson, at 31, has 153 goals, 507 assists, and 660 total points in his 838 games.

10. Rasmus Dahlin, D, Buffalo Sabres

Rasmus Dahlin, the youngest player on this list, was drafted first by the Buffalo Sabres in 2018. The 21-year-old player proves himself as a phenomenal player and will soon be a dominant player in the coming years. Although he took some time to develop as a defenseman player, he soon gets stable and stands firm on the ice arena.

Rasmus Dahlin

Dahlin might become dominant like Chris Pronger used to be and can get the Hart trophy for the league’s star player.

In his 277 games, Rasmus Dahlin has 31 goals, 129 assists, and 129 points at age 21.

The Bottom Line on Top 10 Swedish Players in the NHL

This is the list of 2022 best Swedish players from my point of view. Of course, I put some players whom I admire, and I did make the index of them based on their performance. And if you ask ice hockey experts, they will give these players a thumbs up for their skills and the marvelous game they show.

So, what do you say about this list of top Swedish Players? Give your opinion below!

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