USA vs Finland

USA vs Finland

Icehockey Free Live StreamingUSA vs Finland Live Stream | 16:15 GMT+2 , 18/05/2017


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USA vs Finland play off match will be played on May 18, 2017. Match will be played on Lanxess Arena (Cologne) and 16:15 GMT +2. USA vs Finland ice hockey live streaming online.

USA vs Finland – Looking at the table before the quarterfinals

The preliminary round is closing up and the quarterfinals are knocking just before us. In the preliminary round, each Group had 8 teams or countries. Group A comprising of Russia, which is leading the group at the moment and USA comes second position. The group is also comprised of Denmark, Germany, Latvia, Slovakia, Sweden, and Italy.
In Group B, we have Canada, which is in the first position and the rest being Switzerland, Finland, France, Norway, Slovakia, Belarus, and Czech Republic.
The last round of the Preliminary games
May 16, 2017, Tuesday is the last date of the preliminary round and the teams will play as follows;

• Russia VS USA
• Canada VS Finland
• Germany VS Latvia,
• Sweden VS Slovakia
• Belarus VS Norway and
• Czech Republic VS Switzerland

Qualifying for the Quarterfinals
It is only the top four teams that will join the quarterfinals. The quarterfinals will be played for one day that is May 18, 2017. +They will be played in the following manner

The leading team of Group A in Germany will play with the fourth team of Group B in France.
The second team of Group A will also play with the Third team in Group B
The third team in Group A will also come to face with that in the second position in Group B and the Fourth team will face the last respectively.
The games have been tight with USA one of the leading team having to get crossovers through difficulty. The rest of the teams below the fourth position will have dropped out from the 2017 Ice Hockey World Championship games.
The last two teams are Slovenia and Italy meaning that they will not qualify for the 2018 ice hockey world championship games and there won’t be any relegation game.
All seems well with USA, Russia, Canada as of now as they are right into the Quarterfinals. The games have been tough and some players sustained some injuries. In that case, new players have been introduced some of whom are; Oscar Lindberg, Kevin Hayes (USA), Brady Skjei, Nicklas Backstrom, and Colton.
The games will still move on in France and German which will see the fans sail through the Quarterfinals, semifinals, and then to the final rounds. After the winner is declared in German, the next host will be ascertained

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