United States VS Sweden

United States VS Sweden

Icehockey Free Live StreamingUnited States vs Sweden Live Stream | 20:15 GMT+2 , 08-05-2017

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United States VS Sweden team to face each other despite the alarming situation On 8th May 2017 will be the day for the United States come face to face with Sweden. A lot of confusion and problems are depicted in the women’s Ice Hockey team in the United States.

The problem of wages and compensation among the women players seems alarming due to the fact that this is the time for preparations of the world championship cup that is due in May. Boycotting of the games is not expected, but poor performance due to lack of concentration on the part of the men’s team may be triggered.

The women’s team wants equal compensation like that of men and this comes after the women’s soccer team extended the same complaint to the concerned organizations. The men’s Ice hockey team has some of the highest paid players in the USA and this only increases the intensity of the problem. The men’s Ice Hockey team is reported to have nothing or less to say about the matter than to concentrate on the coming tournament that will take place in Germany and Paris. Both the United States team and Swedish team are in preparation for the games.

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