Russia vs Czech Republic

Russia vs Czech Republic

Icehockey Free Live StreamingRussia vs Czech Republic Live Stream | 16:15 GMT+2 , 18-05-2017


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Russia vs Czech Republic Live Stream on Play offs of Ice Hockey world championship is going to be played on 16:15 according to GMT +2. Russia and Czech Republic will face each other at Accor Hotels Arena (Paris). You can watch live streaming of Russia vs Czech Republic full match online for free on this website.

Russia vs Czech Republic to Qualify for the Quarterfinals

In a diehard game that took place on Thursday, Canada proved that it is still the champion of the world in Ice Hockey. It beat France by 3 goals on 2 in the packed AccorHotels Arena in France. Canada has shown a majestic performance throughout the games, making fans believe that it could attain victory for the 2017 ice hockey world championships.

It was hectic for the hosting team (France) now that the games are approaching to the quarter finals. The hard game gave samples of clashes between Jonathan Janil (Defenceman) and Florian Hready (goalteander) letting Canada accumulate 3 points. Tyson Barrie (Canada) got an injury during a game with Switzerland in which Canada lost. This game is so far the only game in which Canada lost. On Monday 15, Canada again beat Norway by 5-0 goals remaining at the top of the game in Group B.

The last round of Canada’s Preliminary phase will be with Finland on 16th May.Looking at the other teams

Russia rivals with USA in Group A for the leading position. The team has remained unbeaten setting a record than any other team. The rival USA has suffered some defeats, though it struggled to crawl from the bottom to the top. Russia and USA meet for the last preliminary game before both heading to the quarterfinals.


Italy’s performance has disappointed the coach making the tournament one his worst. The team that is in them last position with Slovenia, both will not play in the next championships.


The champions are letting questions flow around since they seem reluctant at the moment. The only surprising game was between Sweden and German, in which Sweden beat German heavily by 7-2. The bitter loss left German apart and disappointed. Backstrom joined the team and if all goes well with the help of William Nylander, the team will get more points from the 10 that they currently pose.
Sweden is to play Slovakia in the last preliminary round before heading to the quarterfinals.
If all goes well, the Swedish team will have to play any other team in Group A during the quarterfinals.
The 2017 ice hockey world championship games have been a real challenge for teams like France, Italy, Slovenia, Latvia, and Switzerland. The final games on will automatically reveal the drop outs and those heading to the next round…

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