Russia, in for the Semifinals at IIHF ice hockey World Championship 2017

Russia, in for the Semifinals at IIHF ice hockey World Championship 2017

All the way from Cologne and Paris, It has been a meaningful journey for Russia having qualified for the quarterfinals and advance to the semifinals. USA Vs Finland – (Lanxess Arena)  18 May, 2017 (Thursday)  The Russian team was appreciated for the wonderful performance set so far in the tournament. In Cologne, Germany, Russia managed to defeat Sweden in the first game by 2 goals on 1. It then came to the second game where it woefully defeated Italy 10 goals on 1 Russia, which is in Group A only suffered one defeat from USA.

USA Vs Sweden - Martin Rose - IIHF World Championship 2017

In Lanxess Arena, Russia by defeated by 5 goals on 3 in the last round of the preliminary games. The USA team jumped three miles to take off Russia ending the game with 35 to 19.The Russia’s six wins were back to back setting a platform at the tournament. It remained at the top until when the USA team took the position.

USA finished off in the top position before matching to the semifinals. The teams now stand terrified for the quarterfinals. Lanxess Arena hosts USA Vs Finland for the quarterfinals and Canada Vs Germany
Back to Paris, AccorHotels hosts Russia Vs Czech Republic and Switzerland Vs Sweden the champions
On Tuesday in Cologne, Frederik scored the winning goal in a shootout for Germany. Germany gave a wonderful exhibition which saw it influence the game to defeat Latvia at the closure of the preliminary round.
Followed by Dennis Seidenberg, he scored a goal after 28 minutes to make it 2 goals for Germany. In the remaining minutes, Andris Dzerins gave a spectacular goal to make it 3 which made Latvia to fall out The team celebrated for the success they had achieved as a hosting team France, which was in Group B, couldn’t make it to the semifinals despite defeating Slovakia in the last game.

Could have been a wonderful moment for the hosting team Surprises and wins The coming rounds of the tournament will be bombastic to the revelers. The most anticipated game is between Canada and Germany. Despite the fact that Germany has not performed like Canada, the team is willing to make ends meet to triumph. Canada leads Group B
The next action on the table is between Switzerland and Sweden. Sweden is the champion meaning that it can’t be neglected The USA and Finland game will be quite enjoyable and likewise for Russia and Czech Republic

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