Quarterfinals Results IIHF 2017 Top Position in Ice Hockey World Championship Games!

Quarterfinals Results IIHF 2017 Top Position in Ice Hockey World Championship Games!

It was a heartfelt moment for USA team and its fans on Sunday after it defeated Slovakia in the game that ended 6-1. USA fought hard to get from the lower position to come ahead of Russia that was leading Group A (Cologne- Germany). USA has a difference of 1 point with Russia that comes in the second position.

List Of 18 May, 2017 (Thursday) Quarterfinals IIHF 2017 World Chamionship 

USA coach Jeff Bashill saw a great improvement and had to say that the only thing that needs to be done is wiping the pucks and turning them over  USA will play against Russia tomorrow and for a time being, USA has secured its ticket for the quarterfinals. Russia, which already has a ticket to the quarterfinals, is to play Latvia
During the game, Slovakia couldn’t handle the fire that was coming in from USA that saw it losing most of its chances to it.

The game that was fully attended only saw USA supporters smiling throughout the game.
Hayes was named the player of the game and got two assists while Skjei secured one. The wonderful game saw Clayton Keller open the scoring magic with the first goal obtaining him a record of 5 goals so far in the tournament. Gaudreau one of team USA champs came next with the goal in the next period Gaudreau also helped Christian Dvorak hit a back to back instance obtaining two goals for USA.

On the other side, France (host) is still struggling to make ends meet while Finland managed to beat Switzerland with 3 goals on 2
The Germany team also suffered a dramatic fall after it was beaten by Sweden in their second game. In the game that occurred last week, ended after the German team was terribly out of their senses during the second period losing to Sweden (7-2)…

The 2017 ice hockey world championship games are rolling into heavy moments now that each team is trying to secure its ticket to the quarterfinals. It is only the first four teams of each group that will qualify for this round. Crossing over to the other side is what matters the most in these games as they will soon be wrapped. At an advanced stage (quarterfinals), the teams in each group will play against each other before the winners eventually meet for the closing games. Russia, USA, Canada, Germany, and France are getting a closer watch…

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