Ice Hockey World Championship games- The latest Information you got to know!

Ice Hockey World Championship games- The latest Information you got to know!

It is for the first time that Germany and France come together to organize the Ice Hockey World Championship Live streaming  games. The games will begin in Germany and later on end in France. Various countries have their teams to represent them and among the countries to participate, we have Germany, France, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, USA, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Latvia, and Finland. The games are expected to start off in a high gear and as seen from the promotions going on in the respective countries.

Ice Hockey match 2017 IIHF

As we approach the Games

The games are kicking off in May and this is April. Match schedule for Ice Hockey World Championship Countries like the USA and Canada have announced their coaches who are to lead their teams in Germany and France. Jon Cooper will lead Canada, while Jeff Blashill will lead the USA. The only thing that all coaches are looking at is victory and to bring the trophy home. The games will begin as early as 5th May and expected to end that very month in France.
The Tickets
An official resale platform of the tickets has been introduced and the exchange of tickets can be done online. The platform brings together various buyers and sellers of the tickets for the matches and it is considered safe and legal. The tickets will be sold at a normal fee, but there will be an extra handling fee expected to be paid. This year’s IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship will be the first in history to use a platform like this one. The platform is based on the EVENTIM technology ‘fansale’ and it is aimed at creating convenience in the buying and selling of tickets. Any ticket bought at this platform has been verified by the EVENTIM Ticket check for its approval.
The General Secretary of the 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey world championship organizing committee (Henner Ziegfeld) has warned the public about buying tickets from fake platforms and dealers. For those that had purchased tickets from unauthorized dealers and the ones thought to be at a cheaper price will have inconveniences since their access to the arenas will be denied and legal action will be taken.
Tickets for the games to be held in Germany are different from the tickets to be used in France. The price of the ticket depends on its type i.e. the game to watch, the seat and in which country.

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