Ice Hockey games are heating up the space all over the world

Ice Hockey games are heating up the space all over the world

The upcoming Ice Hockey World Championship IIHF 2017 live streaming  is extremely taking up people’s minds. Ice Hockey lovers have had to book their tickets to France or Germany and some to both countries to witness the games that are kicking off in early May of this year. Information about the different countries participating in this game is well displayed on the fixture tables. Participating countries include Belarus, the USA, Switzerland, Norway, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Denmark, France, Russia, Czech Republic, Finland, Canada, and Latvia. The games are being hosted by France and Germany and whoever takes it all will be the host of the 2021 Ice Hockey Championship.

Ice Hockey games 2017 iihf

There is an intense preparation of the teams for their respective countries because a victory is what every team is eyeing for. The countries are divided into two groups that are group A and B. The games are also categorized into the quarter final, semi-finals and finals. The winner from each group will have to battle to determine who takes the trophy home. The organizing committee together with the hosting countries is putting all efforts together to see that the games come out as the best and peacefully. The coaches of the teams in their respective countries have promised the best performance from their teams. This puts more hope in the ice hockey fans knowing that it will all be spectacular starting from early May 15 to 16.

High profile players, both old and new are to be expected in the games. The ambassadors of this year’s game are Angelique Kerber from German, Lucas Moura from Brazil and Saint-Germain of Paris. The games are expected to be perfect since there is a wide range of entertainment prepared by the organizing committee. Germany is hosting these championship games for the second time in the era of 2000 because the last time this happened was in 2010. In the case of France, it has been a while since this happened and so it is a great opportunity for the county. These two countries are some of the best-developed countries in the world which signify that the ice hockey games have opened a gate for most people to have a quality time there.

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