A High Speed Partnership With Thalys Put on Skates for IIHF Ice Hockey Championship 2017

A High Speed Partnership With Thalys Put on Skates for IIHF Ice Hockey Championship 2017

IIHF ice hockey championship 2017: is in the great talks of fans and hockey lovers as for the very first time two nations are going to host this championship. In this championship total 16 nations are participating that will play scheduled 64 matches from 5th May 2017 to 21st May 2017.

Action on the ice could be seen with the hockey sticks in the biggest arena Lanxess and secondly in the Accor hotel arena. Fans are ardent to watch the live action of teams to win this championship. As the fever of fans is high for this 2017 IIHF so the organizers are also putting extravagant efforts so that they could give great experience and arrangements to hockey lover in IIHF Ice Hockey championship 2017

Recently 18 employees of the official world championship partner Thalys also visited French Federation’s headquarters to play the ice hockey for the very first time means Thalys puts on the skates very first time. General Manager of Organizing Committee of Paris and Jonathan Zwikel who is Marketing and Sales director of organizing committee of Paris , gave warm welcome to 18 members of Thalys’ team at the headquarters of federation. This Thalys team has Collaborated on the promotion of 2017 IIHF ice Hockey World Championship.

2017 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Images

This promotional match was played early afternoon with 90 minute ice hockey intiation on one of the two ice rinks of the new federal center Aren’Ice. As before the match the Thalys team was given some training exercises so that every member of the team could set foot on the ice rink and could make their first step on Cergy-Pontoise’ Ice in the little promotional game.
Along with this promotional match, national center and global presentation of the discipline highlighting fundamental rules and main Characteristics of ice Hockey was joined, so the entire day was spent in the friendly atmosphere, to the delight of 18 employees and even the organizing committee that was striving to build close relations with their official partners of 2017 IIHF ice Hockey World championship.

In this return game work sessions planned about sport management specifications and the operational organization of the international event that is 2017 IIHF ice hockey Championship. Official partner of this international event Thalys offered a high speed railway link between the venue of championship Cologne and Paris Via Brussels which is fastest way of travel from downtown to downtown within three and a half hours for the fans and participants.

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